05 October 2008

My First Dim Sum in Melbourne

5th Oct 08

Went for Dim Sum at Chinatown with Tramy and Sandice today. Was suppose to go to the Shark Fin House... but the place was SOOOOOO packed when we reach.... so we changed to West Lake instead. Hm.... I wun recommend ppl to go there... Here are some pics of what we had: 

The vege was really old.... not nice....

The sotong was too hard to chew.... Not nice...

The beef balls taste abit weird.... think they had too much ginger in there

This is Sandice favourite (^.^) I din try wo.. was full lu... no idea if its nice anot

Chicken Feet... Din try this either ;p

Sandice & Miself 

Tramy & Miself 

Hahaha... No idea why we took pic with the $
Guess there were nothing else for us to do HeHeHe

Look at the lil pink figurine... Cute Rite... ;p Its a symbol for breast cancer
Hm.. using the word cute feels abit wrong hor

LaLaLa~ Sunny Australia

=Close Up=

Hahaha... This is funny ;p
Seriously its really hard to take pics tgt while wearing hats like tat hahaha

Tramy with her feathery hat hahaha

Eh.. the photographer ask us to be more bitchy de hor!! hahaha

Me and my artistic hat Hehe

Hahahaha.... I think Tramy looks so funny in this pic!!! 

Tramy & Mi

One of the chairs in Mel Central

Was helping them take a picture on the chair in this position Hahaha...
Thank you Sandice for this pic (^.^)

Now a proper pic of me looking at the cam (^.^)
Seriously felt abit paiseh when taking this pic (>.<) 

After that we went to buy 2 big packs of lemon tea and went home tgt to drink soup (^.^) LaLaLa~~ Had a Tiring but Extremely Enjoyable day!~

The Most Unforgettable Day!

4th Oct 08

Went to the Singapore Day Event at 3plus...  Really wanted the Goodie Bag... (T.T) but by the time we got there... there were none left *Sob* *Sob* Which makes me wonder....... Y the hell did they ask us to register online before we can go for the event (=.=)"""" Anyway this event makes me miss home even more!!~~~ Oki... Here are the pics: 

The map for the event.... Just look at the I LOVE SG sign hehehe.... (^^)
Love it!

Aw... FOOD..... Mee Soto... Mee Siam.. Chilli Crab... Laksa.... Wanna eat them so MUCH!! but the queue was TOO LONGGGGGGGG... din wanna be baked under the sun (T.T)

Look at the sign... Isnt it CUTE!! Hahaha.. Din know City Hall and Buona Vista are just next to each other haha


~Singapore Gals~

Look at the crowd of black heads!!! Was really happy and excited to see such a scene haha!

There was a band playing... but I have no idea who they are and where they're from

HeHeHe... I love the Sign... the Purple Balloon.. & my Lollipops!!

The booth where they teach us how to make bunny from handkerchief
Tramy and her Bunny

Me & My Bunny!! Cute Rite?!?

Tada!!~~ Its Spring!!! Really Love the Flowers

I think they change the display of this clock every season... the last time i took a pic over here there was the word Melbourne

Doesnt this pic looks like its a montage (^.^) but of coz its not!~

Went to the Dumpling Plus for lunch.. I had a Ice Chocolate drink. 
The Ice Cream taste Wonderful (^.^)

LaLaLa.... It taste delicious!!

Tramy ordered Nian Gao.... the vege was only half cooked (o.0)

I ordered Hokkien Noodle~ Its nice but slightly oily

Tram Tram ordered Hot Coffee and she said it taste GREAT (^.^)

After lunch we went Coles to get some fruits before heading off to Glen Waverly to meet Mag. One of her uncle came to pick us up and brought us to the gathering.... had no idea I was gonna eat with such a big bunch of people... This was the biggest meal I have had ever since coming back to Aust... Thank you Thank you for the dinner!!!!

A pic before meal

Wee~~ Look at the food~~~ All of a sudden I felt like I was back in China 
;p What... with so many old people... the utensils and stuff... really felt like it ma

Everyone enjoying the meal....

The Singapore Postcards and CD I got from the Singapore Day Event hehehe...

Hahaha.. Love my Purple Balloon!

Look at the size of my Lollis (^.^) LaLaLa~~~

Which Bunny is cuter?!? The one with the yellow ribbon or the one with the blue ribbon?

The dinner ended at 9 plus... One of Mag's uncle dropped us off at Camberwell Train Station. The weather was freezing and we had to wait for the train for 20 mins!!! Haiz... but i thought at least we were on our way home.... Never did i expect it was the starting of my nightmare... While waiting... 3 'high' drunk gals came.. they were laughing and screaming loudly.... the worst thg is... they jumped onto the track just so tat they could climb over to the other platform.... and guess what.... the platform they climbed onto was actually CLOSED (=.=)"""" 1 of the gals was wearing a SKIRT..... let me tell you... its NOT a pleasant sight! 

When the train came... it was packed with people with alcoholic drinks in their hands (=.=)""" So... Tramy and me decided to stand at the door. Half way through the ride.. a guy with a can in his hand walked over to the door... stuck the can in his mouth.... and when the train reached the station.. he opened the door..... AND....... took his "THG" out to PEE!!!!!! AHHHHHHH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! RIGHT INFRONT OF ME!!!!!!!! (T.T) How can anyone do such a terrible thg..... He actually pee onto the platform while still being on the train.... When the doors started closing he stopped.... BUT.... he cont standing there as he wasnt finished with his 'business' yet.....  While on the way to the next station he started talking to me........ *FAINT* asking me where I was going and stuff....... AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once the train reached the next station... Tram and me immediately went to the next cabin..... 

We din wanna stay on the train anymore... so when the train reached Flinders Station... we decided to take the Tram instead.... another long wait in the freezing temperature.... and I saw a girl doing push up on one of the tram (=.=)"" There was another round of bottle throwing on the streets..... HAIZ.................... Why wod anyone wanna migrate to SUCH a place.... 1 might wonder.....For me... I dun ever wanna step out of my apartment after  the sunsets....... and leave this country immediately after I graduate!!!  

03 October 2008

A Day To The Hot Spring!

On 27th Sep me & my friends set out for a trip to the Hot Springs (^.^) Pictures speaks more than words~~ Here they are:   

We gathered at the carpark to chit chat & take pictures while waiting for everyone to arrive

Yep~ While we were on the road :p Hahaha those in our car had sandwich!! Showing it off to the guys in the other vehicle hehe~

After being stuck in the car for 45 mins.... finally had a rest stop

Yep Yep.... getting snacks and drinks

YEPPIE!!!!! We reach the Hot Spring lu!!~ Eh me & my friends were looking at the wound on my face haha

Well... Din wanna spoil the cameras.. so sry din take pics inside... But it was really fun haha.. there was a spring tat was FREEZZZZZING cold.... i only managed to stay in there for a split second.. We moved from spring to spring while gradually increasing the temperature. Fun (^.^) Realised I can only stand high temperatures and not the low ones! Oh and remember remember remember DO NOT stay in each spring for more than 15 mins!~  

Here we are again~~ All washed up and ready to proceed to our next destination!!

Ok Ok... I admit... we are still discussing where to go next ;P

Well.. We are GIRLS!! Of coz we took the time to eat & chit chat.. Hm.. cant recall what we were talking abt lu 

Finally decided to go to the Maze Farm instead of the Strawberry Farm... Its not the right season for strawberry pickings (T.T)

Oki!!~~ Time to SET OFF!

Nope we hvnt reach the Maze Farm.. Its Time for LUNCH!!!

The guys decided to go to KFC... I definitely prefer the KFC crispy chicken in Singapore!!!! People if u ever come to Melbourne... PLEASE DO NOT GO KFC!!!!!!!! Its terrible!

From the left... Lia... Tramy... Me & Wandy 

Hm.. my head do look big over here....

The Maze Farm... isnt this pic beautiful... GREAT JOB WANDY!!

Hahaha... actually we are suppose to start from the maze entrance and set the middle as our destination... But... the gate was left open HAHAHAHAHA.... so we walked right in hehehe (^.^) Cheat Cheat Cheat hahaha!

Me, Myself & I

I love this pic! Thank you Thank you Wandy (^.^)

Hahaha... Peek-a-Boo!!!~

Well... its a competition between the bird and me... 

THE CROCODILE IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but looks really real rite?!?

The King and her 3 concubines hehehe (^.^)

This is the funniest sign I have ever seen.... LAME LAME LAME!!

Yeah~ We finally reach the playground (^.^)

Hahaha... FUN!!~

Hahahaha.... Suben was acting a scene from Bollywood!! Hahahaha... i codnt stop laughing for 5 mins!!!


All of us except for Wandy

Isnt this beautiful.... Its looks like a postcard.... Beautiful!

Tramy & Me (^.^)

=Mini Maze=

I love Horses!! Bye Bye Maze

Made a stop by the road... Look at this... the sky in Australia is really alot alot more impressive than the one in Singapore

Seagulls... Hm... makes me think of mermaid

Another beautiful work by Wandy 

Well.. I was trying to look at the seashells at the bottom!!! Serious!

Hm.. No idea what we were looking at

Hop into our cars and drove to the beach... Why just look when you can get to touch!!! 
Play Play Play

Eh... Where Am I?!?

Oh hehehe.. I was busy picking seashells... There are Tons of it on the beach (^.^)

Yep made a stop at the jetty... bcse its sunset (^.^)


The cloud looks awesome all the time....

Took pics of the seagulls when i was back in the car... have no idea why... but the seagulls always face the same direction haha Cute rite (^.^)

Dinner at a Indian Restaurant... I was so exhausted that I din even felt like talking...

I had A WONDERFUL day!!!!!!!!!! Thank you GUYS!!!! *Muack* *Muack* Esp Lia!!!