30 January 2010

Marriage - Wedding

So many of my friends have gotten married last year. Some I feel really happy for them... Some just STUNS me..... but no matter which category they fall under I will give them my fullest blessings & wish them a Fairy Tale Ending~

Anyway.. I found out that one of them is pregnant and will be expecting soon. *Congratz* (Cant imagine myself being a mother at this age!!~ So... YES I M SO STUNNED!!!!) Can one really meet a guy and decide to marry him within juz one year?!? or even within half a year?!? Maybe its smthg I will never understand.... or maybe True Love should be like this.

With so many people ard me gettin married... I would be lying if I say I am not worried about getting married ONLY when I am 30+++++++++++++++!!! The problem is I dun thk I trust guys enough... So... If you ask me to trust a guy completely and give him a commitment of a lifetime after being with him for just one year is IMPOSSIBLE de!!!!!!! The older I become the more confused I get... How would you know whether he is the right one.... How would you know you suit each other.... How would you know you can be with him for life.... A wedding is just one ceremony.... but marriage is one lifetime.... How would you ever know you are making the right choice? Even people who have been dating for over 7 years can get married and realise they are juz not suitable for each other. How will we ever know WHO is the RIGHT one.... SO many things I dont understand.... is it normal to become more confused as you grow older?!? I wish someone can give me an answer.

01 January 2010

1st Jan 2010! Happy New Year!!! & Happy Birthday My Precious Qbi!!!!

Today is the FIRST day of the year!!! I woke up n realised that..... I LOST MY VOICE!!!! *Faint* My mom made Apple Vinegar with Honey for me (>.<) *YUcks* but at least I cod talk n sing a lil after drinking the disguisting vinegar.. Its Qbi's Bday today OF COZ I GOTTA SING HER A BDAY SONG~~

Brought Lun Lun to Vivo to catch a movie BUT........................ the movie we wanted to watch were full house all the way from 5 till 10 plus *Sulk* (Thk I left Sg for too long.. forgot the only entertainment Sg have is watching movie.... so obviously the cinema is ALWAYS full!) My lil bro was SUPER disappointed.... But I promised him that I shall bring him to watch the movie tml. That reminds me.... I gotta buy tml's tickets NOW!

Anyway the trip wasnt entirely fruitless for me~ Went to the pet shop to buy a Birthday Cake... some donuts... and a pie for Qbi (^.^) I upload the pics now. Qbi started off with licking the frosting on the cake and than.... biting a few chucks off...  finally SWOLLOWED the second layer of the cake WHOLE! WAH!! Glad that she likes her cake ^.^   Maybe I should start making lunch box for my precious doggies Just like the Japanese LOL~

Qbi's Bday cake and Snacks!~

Her Squeaker toy to aid her in losing weight

My pretty Qbi eating her Dental Bone After the cake!~

Finally... I shall upload a picture of my CUTE bro I took a few mins ago to end my first post of the year!

LOL Wanted to upload a Full Face pic... but my bro saw it n got really upset!
Hahaha So... now left with half the head~!~!