27 March 2010

Thailand Tiger Temple

The Tiger Temple in Thailand is a well-known destination for tourist from around the world. The temple claims to be a sanctuary for numourous wild animals mainly tigers. Entrance fees are charged as the temple claims it is the source of funding for their tiger conservation. Visitors are even allowed to take pictures and fiddle with the tigers at close proximity. Don't get me wrong.... I am NOT promoting this place.

A few years back I was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel talking about this amazing temple that is filled with tame, mellow tigers. As I watched on, I couldn't help but wonder, "Why are they acting this way? How did the abbot manage to tame them into such peaceful creatures? This cannot be right..." The programme continued by saying that when the tigers misbehave, the handlers would intervene but did not elaborate further.

Now, I would like to share with you the truth behind the Tiger Temple. The handlers made the tigers obey and follow their instructions by intimidating them. Twisting their noses, pulling their ears, whiskers and tail, drag them around by their tail, kicking and kneeing the tiger's flanks, throwing stones at their stomach, hitting their heads with rods and rocks, locking them up in small metal cage... WHAT KIND OF CONSERVATION IS THIS!!!! NO ANIMAL.. NO ANIMAL should be treated this way......... I know I cannot call myself an animal lover bcse I am unable to give up on meat like beef, pork and chicken but the LEAST I can do is NOT abuse Animals!!!

They are tigers......... They are one of the most powerful animals on land.... Filled with power, speed and the drive to kill.... these tigers can be abused so badly till they no longer have the will to defend for themselves!?!?!?!?!!!!! Does the temple think the public are idiots and that they can continue denying the fact that these tigers have been abused?!?!?! How can SOOO MANY TIGERS allow little kids to walk right next to it, to pat it and have photoshoot sessions instead of viewing them as easy preys!!!! Its just against the law of Nature!!! Do they think the public have pea brains!!!!!!! NO ONE should be able to control a tiger, some conservationist have been able to "make friends" with animals in the wild. They spent years and years living in the wild, gaining the animals' trust but even so, the conservationists still have to keep in mind that the boundary should never be crossed; to always respect the animals and give them their space.

Tigers should be in the wild, running around in an open field or hunting for preys. hiding behind the bushes or lazing under a tree in a hot day INSTEAD OF BEING CHAINED to the ground with no shelter, so as to "entertain" visitors and earn $$$ for the temple! Whoever have been to the tiger temple to have a "fun" time, you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! By paying the entrance fee to view and interact with the tigers, you are actually acknowledging and supporting the temple's actions!

Each kind of animals have their own way of life, just because they don't know how to use tools like we do, DOES NOT MEAN THEIR LIVES ARE NOT AS VALUABLE AS OURS!!!!! If I were to chain 30 people by their necks locked them to the ground, not giving them any shelter to hide from the blazing sun and allow visitors to fiddle with them; beat them up with rocks, wooden rods, pull their arms n legs, twist their nose, ears and hair, beat their heads violently when they whine or do not comply; I would definitely be broadcast on programmes like "The Most Shocking Crime" or "The Crime of the Century" or "Cold Blooded Murder" or "Crimes that Shook the World".

Why must humans treat beautiful animals this way. Open your eyes look at the world, look how horrendous humans have become.... look at sharks... dolphins... whales... rhinos... elephants.... go search online and see for yourself how such animals are killed to satisfy our cravings for shark fins, dolphin meat, whale meat, rhino horns, elephant tasks.... are such killings really neccessary??? Will we humans die without such products?? By being the consumer and buying such things YOU ARE KILLING THEM. I truly despise people who says "How can there be no shark fin in Weddings! etc." WHY NOT?!?!?!?! What century are you living in?!? I know some of you might say but Weddings ALWAYS have Shark Fin its a kind of tradition especially for Chinese. Ok.. if that is the case the bride should go to the groom's place in a CHINESE SEDAN CHAIR because that has ALWAYS been in Chinese Tradition. Why arnt you people doing it now?!? Thats bcse now there is something called a car or a bike therefore no one is using a sedan chair anymore. Why cant we do the same for Shark Fin? In the past Shark Fin was a form of extravagance therefore hosts who treats their guest to it were able to flaunt their wealth and gain social status & respect among friends and family. In current times, Shark Fins are so common, almost anyone can afford to eat Shark Fin. What is so special about it? If you wanna save "face", why cant you treat your guests to something more expensive like abalone etc.

I shall stop here.... I know I am SUPER NAGGY and some of you must be thking OH NO.. She can go on arguing like this 4ever!! (Which by the way, I can!)... but if you guys wanna know more about how the tigers are being mistreated in Tiger Temple, here is a link you should check out http://www.tigertempletruths.org/index.html

21 March 2010


Had a great time shopping at DFO with Tramy, Emily and Sanice yesterday!! Spent 3 hours in only 6 shops (>.<) Tramy had to drag me out of 2 LOL LOL. I know I know what you are thking but I am NOT a shopaholic!! I was becoming desperate!! The first shop we went to was FCUK (one of Tramy's fav brand), we spent over half an hour trying on tons of clothes and NONE of them fit me AHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... the more I try the more desperate I became! It was to a point where I felt there was smthg really wrong with my figure. Haiz.... So I juz took whichever top or dress with a size S n tried them none stop... in the end Tramy had to drag me out of the shop convincing me that I need not fret.

By 6pm all the shops started closing (YES THE SHOPS CLOSE AT 6!!!! NO LIFE RITE!!!! ARGH!) and I managed to buy a halter dress from Guess costing just $40 Yeah~~~~ It was originally priced at $169.95 WoooHooo The design n fabric used is definitely worth more than $40!! Its whenever I buy clothes like this that REALLY makes my day HOHOHOHOHO other than this I also managed to grab a top from Just Jeans 2 minutes before the shop closed~~ It was originally priced at $49.95 and I got it for $19.95 HOHOHOHOHO the handiwork on the top worth way more than $19.95 lor~~~ Soooo Happy This is what I call Shopping~  Shall go to DFO sometime SOON to Finish my shopping Heh Heh Heh

Wish me luck ppl!

19 March 2010

Innovative Furniture

This post is for myself~ So much easier for me to reference if I gather all the interesting designs and post it on my blog but I also love sharing all these wonderful designs with my dear friends~ Hope you guys will love them and enjoy them as much as I do!!


Sheetseat is a folding chair cut from a single sheet of plywood designed by Ufuk Keskin and Efecem Kutuk. It has a thickness of 3/4" when collapsed. This simple innovation in flat-pack seating allows for storage and transportation in even the tightest of spaces. It's easy manufacturing process minimizes use of energy and labor during production.


Comb is a flat-fold chair concept where partitioned pieces rise from a single surface in order to form the seat and the front legs. Flat-fold feature makes the chair easy to stack and transport in large quantities. It is still a work in progress.

Feel Seating System


Feel Seating System is designed by Animi Causa. The shape is inspired by a molecular structure, the basic form for all objects is the universe. It is made of 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabric. The structure allows you to arrange it in multiple forms.



Incorporating an ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure, the FlexibleLove Virgin by Chishen Chiu could accommodate a seating for 8 to 16 people at one time. It is made of recycled materials like the recycled paper, recycled wood waste, etc. When given a simple pull at each end, the furniture could be easily transformed into a semicircular or a circular-shaped seating to hold as many as 16 people. But when folded up, it measures merely one tenths of that.

Kenchikukagu mobile furniture


The Kenchikukagu is designed for work, sleep and eating. Designed by Atelier OPA from Japan, the Kenchikukagu series includes a mobile work station, mobile bed and a mobile kitchen.





The “More” by Italian designer, Giorgio Caporaso is a bookshelf, a table, seating and lots “more”! This extremely versatile set of modular furniture performs multiple functions quite efficiently. It enables the user to create furniture of various shapes and dimensions. Its a response to everyday life that demands an enduring flexibility of spaces and adaptability of furniture.


“Kure” (also known as ’sphere’ in Turkish) is a futuristic concept table designed in the shape of a flower for your family dinning room. This table is shaped as a sphere when closed and once you open, it can occupy any corner of the house. A light source is fitted in the centre of the table which offers a blue light to the base of the table.
Scribble Furniture

This year’s most innovative furniture designs come from 4 Swedish women called Frontdesign, who introduce a technology of scribbling furniture in the air by motion capturing: Cameras are tracking your brushstroke-like movements, a special software then combines the data to a whole 3D object in the computer. Thanks to a procedure called rapid prototyping they magically produce a real object, like a table or a chair. They can manufacture pretty much anything that looks as curvy and dynamic as your scribbled version.

Pick Up Chairs

These innovative chairs are designed by Studio Dror, they can be easily put away on walls, I love that they can work as art fixtures as well as for practical use.

Marcel Wonders Knotted Chair

A creation of Marcel Wanders the Knotted Chair , you can almost believe that it can stand on its own just because the supporting structure is so well hidden. The legs have a tent rope look.

Ghost Chair by Drift

Ghost Collection are plexiglass chairs that have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology.
The ghost is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality. It gives you a bit of a dramatic feeling: unbelievable, high-tech, but beautiful.
Wall Furniture by Buro Jet

Buro Jet designed those very innovating pieces of furniture which looks paintwork and are convertible into compact desk.

15 March 2010

I Need To Find Myself Again

Feeling so horrible rite now... I have been alright for the past few days..... I hate it when my emotions fluctuate like this.... When can I get over this.... In the past when I get really upset and codnt fall aslp in the middle of the night I can always call my bf..... bcse of this it makes me feel even worst this very moment... it made me realise rite now there is no one I can call or talk to in the middle of the nite... I feel absolutely awful....... I dun wanna be like this... I need some distraction....

10 March 2010


When I was young, I always envied my mom for being an adult. To me, being an adult means I need not study, get caning for not studying, no more tuitions & most importantly Freedom. She tell me how silly I am and that I should treasure my childhood (hm... not really sure whether I had one) bcse when I am an adult I will want to be a child again. Like usual, I will brush her off. Once Again, she is so right. She is always right.

Being a child, all I had to care about was finishing my homeworks, attend all my tuitions and get good results. Now, even before I start my own family, before all the financial worries, just relationship itself is capable of drowning me. I always consider myself as a depressing person, when I was young I would always climb onto the ledge of my window just staring at the view below and thking what it feels like to jump. (Luckily my parents always keep the window grill locked and than lock up the keys) In order to have my own private space to think things through and not let anyone find me, I would draw the curtain, close the window (the sequence goes backwards bcse I am on the outside) and just sit there hugging my legs, rocking back and forth. Now, my make-up is the most important thing in the world. It works as a mask for me to face the world and continue leading my life. Once I put on my make-up I become the bubbly, chatty, happy-go-lucky Gal. Recently, my nights are getting so bad that its affecting my daily life. When I am in bed, all is dark and quiet, my tears will fall, my chest aches. Normally, I am well controlled when it comes to crying but this time my tears seems to be over powering me.

Tears flow till dawn, with the swollen eyes and the haggard face it is impossible for me to go to school. I motivate myself to work on my assignments and research but not being able to attend school does affect the quality of my work. By the time I finally fall asleep it would be 9 plus in the morning and I will be haunted by nightmares. This week I allowed myself to hide from the world, to pick up pieces of my soul and lead a normal life. I came to Australia to study and that will always be the piority. I always have to remind myself that I have to be logical and not emotional. Set my piorities right.... I have no time for tears. Its 5.30am right now, I hvnt shed a single tear (might be bcse I am not in bed and all the lights and tv is on) but I feel like there is an improvement. I am confident in saying I will be able to put on my make-up and walk out of the front door when the sun is out. I will survive. Shall take some beautiful pictures later on in the day.

Some of you must be thking WAT!! nothing abt trust and she dare to name this post T.R.U.S.T.
Trust is something really special, it is the foundation in every commited relationships. It takes a long time to build-up the trust between two people and the trust that is maintained can be betrayed in matter of secs. How can we instill trust and confidence in a person that has already betrayed your trust?

08 March 2010

I Need Some Motivation!

Its 12am right now... I know I am suppose to be spending my time doing research and coming up with ideas BUT... I am not doing it! Y!! bcse I am not motivated right now... So.... Decided to write this post to motivate myself Heh Heh Heh.... Blogging DOES NOT motivate me but what I am going to post up here will~~~

I know many of you hate your jobs but manage to motivate yourself by aiming at a product or item that you really really like and wod buy them when payday comes~ Well... I do the same thg so I went to Chanel & Dior's Website to look at some of their wonderful items; as long as I work hard all these things will one day be mine~ I know I will be devoted to my job; career minded. Ah... some of you are wondering Y din't you go to LV's website?!?! Well... I dun mean to be MEAN but.... whoever holds a LV bag (which is many) has no taste at all... seriously... their designs look like its meant for woman in their 50s... their textile design has been the same since 4ever (just by changing the colour of the checkers doesnt mean its a NEW design! Stop being lazy; squeeze out some brain juices and be more creative!!) Plus LV bags are so freaking common.... Y wod I wanna spend so much money into buying a bag tat almost everyone have?!? Doesnt make sense does it~ Anyway back to thgs tat actually motivate me~~~~

My Motto: Never Ever Rely On A Guy!
If a guy buys them for you its a bonus; if they dont... we gals need not beg/ whine/ hint/ trick the guys into buying them for us... gals in this modern society are capable of buying branded stuff themselves~ Jia You Gals!!

Interested in the products I fell in Love with?!?!?!~~ Here they are:

Ooooo I love Chanel & Dior!!! ZITA MOK JIA YOU!!!!!!! Back to my work lu Everyone!!!

04 March 2010

Re-adjusting to Life In Melbourne

School reopened this week~ I am extremely excited about Furniture Design~~~ *Interesting* The worst module for this semester wod be System Design *BORING*!!! I nearly fell aslp during the one hour lecture but the guy sitting next to me din allow me to.... Y.... no no no its not what you ppl are thking... he is not handsome... not charming or attractive in any way.... Instead his hair was so damn greasy I could smell the oil from my seat!!!!! WTH!!! He hvnt washed his hair in a mth?!?!?!?! Whats wrong with such ppl! Such ppl are a disgrace to the Asian Community!! What if he give the Ang Mohs the impression that Asians are scruffy, dirty and disguisting!!!!! ARGH!!!

Right after lecture it was tutorial.. Luckily "Scruffy" is not in my class *PHEW* When my tutor came into class I was sooooo blown away by her looks and dressing~ Her Dress Code: Unique, Artistic, Modern *Love it! Love the layering!* Her Features: She looks like Angelina Jolie *Serious* So......... even though the module is boring at least there is a Chio Bu I can look at LOL LOL

Tramy and I have finally moved back home a few days back. All the cleaning... dusting... unpacking.... Finally its over!!~~~ Wee... and Internet is back up and running~ Yesterday (since now its already past midnight) we went to Chadstone for shopping~~~~ Got an AWESOME looking coat!!! Love It Love It and a bag ^.^  Shall use the bag when I go to NGV afterwards HeHeHe~~~ Do I have any pics of my coat and the bag? Nope!! Even if I do I wun post it up!! If i show u ppl everything that is in my wardrobe than wat m i suppose to wear when I go out to meet you guys LOL 

Ooooo How can I forget!!! Prior to shopping we decided to grab some lunch in Chadstone. After walking ard and choosing for half an hour, we finally decided to eat at Wagamama. It was SUCH A BAD IDEA!!!!

~All Smiles before the food came~

Guess what is this............. No Idea?

It was suppose to be Gyoza!!!! I have never eaten such HORRIBLE looking Gyoza in my entire life!!

Yes!! This was suppose to be Ramen!!
Yucky Rite!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

This restaurant have franchise in many countries and they pride themselves in providing their customers with the quality of their food........ What Quality?!?! Where???? I can get MUCH better food in Singapore's Hawker Centre lor.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  I ordered Soba... and it was SUPER SUPER oily... the beef stinks... the home made lemon tea was tasteless.... So... I decided to write an email to their main office as well as send them the 2 pics above. I am not one that likes to write complaint letter, in fact I am so lazy such things are just a hastle to me BUT!!! this time they are unforgiveable!! NEVER EVER go to Wagamama located in Chadstone!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall today has been a Great Day~! I love Shopping~