27 July 2010

Chic Magazine Issue 23

I finally lay my hands on Chic Magazine Issue 23!!!! Many of you might think, whats the big deal?!?!?!?! Its not Vogue. Yes I agree with you. Not a fan of buying magazines unless its related to architectural design. Whats special about this issue is.... QBI, KOBE & BARBIE have been published in it!!! *Dancing Around The Table*

Was flipping through the pages and I saw............................ The Envelope Clutch... Love the colour... Love the way it trys to mimic an envelope... love the sewing. The problem is... Its 399. Do you think its worth it? Hm... I am SUPER SUPER tempted........

Here they are!! Barbie, Kobe & Qbi!!! Can you spot them?

06 July 2010

Raymond Lam!

Hvnt been blogging much lately due to my super busy schedule but I will try to blog more often from now on. Hopefully I will have more time to myself soon. Tried logging into blogger a few minutes ago and realised my original password is INCORRECT?!?!?!?!?! Its either someone hacked into my account (for WHAT?!?!?!) or my STM is getting sooo bad I actually remember my password wrongly (How is that possible!?!)  I know many of you are thinking..."MUST be her STM la..... She is always like that ga....So Blur ah" (T.T)

Anyway back to my main topic for today, RAYMOND LAM!!!! I woke up at 5am in the morning, after feeding and cleaning the doggies I decided to surf the internet for a little while. Guess what I saw....... YES!!!!!!!!!!! Raymond Lam was in Singapore!!! (WAT!!!!!!) Why did no one tell me about this BIG NEWS! Girls~ If you have no idea who he is, there must be something wrong with you! He is one of the most eligible bachelor in Hong Kong! Maybe even Asia~ He is the son of a VERY successful property Tycoon, has the looks and a HUGE hit in the entertainment (acting and singing) industry. His acting.... I Love It~ His voice... I Love It too!~ A man to die for~ Jia You ah Lam Fung!!

Some of his Must Watch Dramas:
2003 - 律政新人王 (TVB Award for Most Improved Actor)
2003 - 血薦軒轅
2004 - 大唐雙龍傳 (TVB Award for My Favourite Television Character)
2004 - 天涯俠醫
2006 - 布衣神相
2007 - 溏心風暴
2007 - 歲月風雲 (TVB Award for Mainland's Favourite Character)
2008 - 太極 (Asian Television Award for Best Drama Performance by an Actor)
2008 - 少年四大名捕
2008 - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 (TVB Award for My Favourite Male Character)
                                                  (TVB Award for TVB.com's Most Popular Blog)

The ones in RED are the MUST MUST MUST watch! Why? Because he looks SUPER charming in them hahahaha. The rest of the dramas he was in, that are not listed here, are those that I hvnt watched or the ones whereby he was just a cameo. Yes ar~ he started out in TVB's acting classes, took roles as a cameo after he graduated and slowly gained his fame. He did not use his family background to make a big HuHa or made use of connections to gain his fame. He did it all with determination, doesnt that makes him even more endearing~~~~

Its 8am in the morning lu~ Gotta go get ready for my Universal Studio Theme Park Adventure la~ Hopefully its not a far cry from the one I went to in US. Pray that it doesnt rain today yea~