20 April 2008


Halo my Dear friends (^.^) MISS U ALL SO SO MUCH!!~ So instead of telling you all one by one on how i have been, I've decided to start blogging.

Hm.. lets see, currently in Aussie studying. Studying is great! I finally found a course that i have passion for but there is this 1 lecturer that kinds of spoils my day. Have been trying to let that go for 2 weeks but think its not working.

I miss Singapore! I so wanna eat STINGRAY and Cockles and crab.. OMG make me feel so hungry (>.<)

Well picture speaks more than words, so here they are:

(Look at the church... isnt it a beauty)
It takes forever to load pics so shall load the details of the church another time.

(I find it so funny haha the seagull really know where to land haha)

(Had a trip to the fun fair but believe me its no where near fun =.=" )

(Me & Melbourne & Police Car~ Hehe)

(Look at how pretty the sky is.. SO MESMERIZING)

(PizzaS.. Caesar Salad Pizza, Salmon Pizza & some Mushroom Pizza) 
Mushroom Pizza taste *Yucky* but it looks even more disguisting
Guess which is it!

(~Me & My Friends~)

(National Gallery Of Victoria)

Upload some other pics of melbourne some other time lor!!~ Jia you in whateva u all do MY FRIENDS!!!!! *Muack* *Muack* Missing You All ALWAYS