28 December 2009

~My New Hairstyle!~

Today I finally master the courage to cut my hair short!!!! After the horrifying experience in Pri sch... I told myself (& maybe ALOT of other ppl) that I WILL NEVER CUT MY HAIR SHORT EVER AGAIN!!!! But now..... Yeah~~ I feel refreshed.... Ok even if its looks horrifying PLS just tell me that I look good in short hair k!!! There is no turning back le..... Wanna see how I look ma?!?!?!?! Oki Oki I shall upload a pic... TADA:

Back from Guang Zhou (PANYU)

Went to Pan Yu for a 3 days 2 nites eating Frenzy~ Yea we left Hong Kong and headed for Guang Zhou on Xmas Day.......... *Sian* So once again another year without celebrating Xmas (T.T) I really miss all the Xmas Trees..... the gift exchange..... the laughter.... & the gatherings (@.@)

Anyway the trip was enjoyable..... Sry no pics!~ (a few are in Tramy's camera.. I shall upload when I getmy hands on the pics) the food were fantastic!!! The food in China is still the best!!!! Seriously speaking I HATE eating fish.... or sod i say Super picky... the only part of a fish that I eat is the cheek (told u I m picky LOL) BUT in China I did eat fish! (Body + Cheeks) Wahahaha I know I am soooo Guai rite!~ Thx!! Their chinese tea.... WAHhhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhhhh............... I LOVE CHINESE TEA (I know.... I am like an old lady) Being trapped in Australia with SUPER LOUSY tea... Once again.... SUPER LOUSY!!! the tea in China were like a gift from heaven.

I had the mindset that it is a MUST to try all the food that the adults had ordered... in the end... I had to cave in... bcse.... they ordered SNAKE (>.<) I like snakes so plus DUN eat them (@.@) When the dish came it looked like pork rib.... than they started eating and someone commented that there weren't much meat.... so another person said "Yea Of Coz... How much meat can a snake have" *FAINT*  If there arnt much meat in a snake..... THAN Y EAT IT!!!! I think most of you must have watched AVATAR... If I were in the movie I too would have abandoned the human race and join the Navi....Humans are really cruel....

Anyway... The most enjoyable event throughout this trip would definitely be going to the ClubHouse!!~ Once you enter the ladies room, you would be greeted and served by a few VERY HELPFUL ladies.... (sometimes I wanted to say... CAN I DO IT MYSELF!!) they would lead us to our designated lockers where we will put our bags.... shoes... clothes (Yes clothes!) bcse we had to go to the changing room and end up with just a towel (Luckily its not the puny hanky like Japan). So since I was wrapped up, it was still acceptable.... UNTIL....... we reached the shower area.......... Each cubicle had a door.... (ok... so since there's a door wats the big deal rite) the big deal was..... the doors were Glass doors =.=""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" to be exact the doors were decorated in checkered designs.... so it was transparent...opaque... transparent.... opaque... in the end.... you could still see the "figure" NOT the "silhouette" ok.... the "Figure" of the lady using the cubicle.... Since I have already landed myself in this.... All I could do was choose a cubicle with 2 doors and pray that it would be enough to "cover" me up. (>.<) 

After the shower (which should be in Record Time), we changed into our PJs... blow dry our hair and headed upstairs to the buffet lounge to meet up with the guys. On the way we passed by the game rooms.... poker room... ping pong area...... Massage area.... Movie Lounge.... & the Nail parlour!!! Once we entered the buffet area... my mom and aunt both said tat it looks like a canteen in the mental hospital.... LOL LOL!! Everyone was in their PJs & Slippers...... SO FUNNY..... after the buffet... we headed to the KTV room.... Yes Yes... still in our PJs.... LOL.... Can you imagine ppl wearing PJs... Slippers and singing in a KTV room?!?! Super Funny LOL! (We took a few pics using Tramy's hp) Will show you guys when I have them~ In the room.... there was a mahjong table!!! *YEAH* Hvnt touched mahjong since FOREVER.... the mahjong table were the automated ones... (I know many of you have used it before... BUT WE HVNT!!) so the staff were teaching us how to use it there were tons of "WAHHH...... YEAH...... & Clapping of Hands" Very childish rite LOL... Who cares! It was Fun~~ Even the staff himself was giggling along LOL  

Lun Lun which had been a pest (Bcse he was SOOOOOOOOO NAUGHTY) throughout the trip finally had a computer to occupy himself with... & we finally had some peace. Thank God there's a computer in the KTV room!! So the men were singing... the ladies were playing mahjong n the lil boy was playing computer games~ *FUN* Everyone Had FUN!!

Wish Singapore has such a club too!!! It would be Great to go there with friends!!~~
Overall... the Trip was Superb!!! Love the Dim Sum... Love the Lunch.... Love the Dinner & LOVE the FUN!~

22 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 4 & 5

Korea Trip Day 4 - 9th Dec 2009

Hm... Day 4 & 5 were the shopping period~ SO the trip consist of boarding the bus, alighting at a shopping area.... boarding the bus again, alighting at a restaurant... smthg like that... So due to my STM.... lets look at the pictures I have and pray that I can recall what happened.


The little house on the left is the toilet..... it is so dirty!! To imagine it was just next to the parliament....
*Throw Face*


So Serene.... Korea is really a very beautiful place

A group of army soldiers walking out from the parliament
Hm.. Lee Junki is still in the army rite?!?!?!
One of them might juz be him!

After being an Ignorant Gal running around looking for Shuai Ge, it was time to learn how to be a talented & decent housewife hahaha.... To become a Korean housewife... it is a MUST to learn how to make KIM CHI!!!! So here we are:

Our little classroom filled with attentive students

See~ All of us hard at work ;p

Tada!~ My Kim Chi is ready~
I have the potential to be a good housewife rite hahaha

In order to graduate as a KOREAN housewife.... I definitely gotta learn how to dress up in their traditonal costume~ Its so different from our chinese Qi Pao... to wear a Qi Pao you gotta have the "perfect" figure... whereas for this.... NO ONE CAN SEE DE......... fat or skinny... really doesnt make much of a difference.

*Yeah* Lucky me~
The lady pick the pink and purple attire for me

Hahahahaha............... ?!?!
Korean Boxer

Once again the lady picked such a SUITABLE attire for him!
None of the guys had to wear that weird hat.... & of all colours... She chose PINK!! LOL

Group Picture
(Lun Lun is missing)
He rather stand at the side and laugh at us (=.=)"

Wahahaha can take this pic to "Xiang Qing" in Korea

~Mommy & Me~
Hm.. but she looks more like she is from Egypt

Wahahaha.... The "Modern" Traditional Korean Man
King kept doing crazy poses and everyone in our tour group queued up to take pictures with him. One even offered to be his manager for the day. LOL *LAME*!!!! After the photo session, we did a little shopping at the cosmetic shops, ginseng shop etc. we headed for dinner~ Tada:  

We only took 1 picture LOL
Everyone was too tired to bother
The hectic schedule day after day was really taking a toll on us.

At first I was like *YEAH~~ Can go back to the hotel to rest after dinner* BUT............ we went shopping AGAIN.... its ok~ I ended up buying tons of nail polish WAHAHAHA!~ The face shop located in Singapore and Melbourne dont even have those colours~ *BEAMING*

Took a pic while waiting for the bus to arrive


 Korea Trip Day 5 - 10th Dec 2009
It was our last day in Korea...... Look at our (us girls) super tired faces and you know its really time to head home and have a LONG rest LOL. Anyway since it was the last day in Korea, we (youngsters) decided to seperate from the group and went in search of a local restaurant. After walking around and peeking into the restaurants we decided to head underground into a tiny little stall. I din wanna eat anything spicy so I had Nian Gao~ *NICE*

~King & Me~

~Benny & Tramy~

 After our meal.... King went to ask the Aunty for a marker and started writing on their wall.... ............... ................ ................... he asked us to take a picture of him (look at the picture below) with a marker in his hands bcse he looks like a superstar like this WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! If the stairs were cleaner I thk Benny, Tramy and me would have been rolling on the floor laughing!

The Hong Kong SuperStar

 After our lunch, we did a little more shopping and headed to the airport lu. At the airport I saw............... (Look below) LEE JUNKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there weren't so many ppl around I wod have run over to the poster and took a picture with him (@.@) Lee JunKi JIA YOU!!! I SUPPORT U!!!!

Look..... How can one not fall in love with guys who have single eyelid!
Awwwwwwwwwwwww................. He looks PERFECT!

At this very moment it is a MUST to sing M2M's "Pretty Boy"........ Oh My Pretty Pretty Boy I Love You~

LoL Oki enough madness le! Gotta go to bed lu~ Nite Nite everyone! Sweet Dreams lor~

20 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 3

Korea Trip Day 3 - 8th Dec 2009

Its been so many days.... Starting to forget what happened in Korea (>.<) So I shall not elaborate much... See for yourself ba~

Teddy Bear Farm:

Benny is soooo out of place =.="""""

The Adults trying to imitate LOL
Eh~~ Not Bad Not Bad better than Benny hahaha


They live inside a tree
Reminds me of Goldilocks

WAH!!! The biggest Teddy I have ever seen~

Cute!! Teddy Mommy with her 2 babies

I wanna bring 1 home (@.@)

Is one of the Teddy Lee Junki?!?!

After Teddy Farm we went for Lunch (Korean Steamboat):

I know its a weird pic to upload.... But the rest are worst LOL

King took this pic of Boa in the toilet
Is this picture taken BEFORE her plastic surgery?!?

We went to a temple (Xi Da Tian Wang) in the mountain. It was freezing cold as usual, the scenery was so serene and beautiful. So.... I shall not crap further... Enjoy the sceneries ba~

At the entrance of the park

Beautiful isnt it... It might be a good idea to migrate to Korea

Entrance to the Buddha
*Yucks* carrying the bag infront is such a BAD idea... but I cant deny that it was SUPER convenient.
*Reminder - Remove the turtle shell before taking pictures!!

Tada!~ The Big Buddha
but its still so puny compared to the one in Hong Kong

Wah~ Nice

Wah Nice~ I thk this sod be a river but bcse its winter, the water is FROZEN in the mountains.

After such "vigorous" exercise, we deserve to be pampered. So... we went to the hotel, changed into our swimwear and went for spa! The Aunties in the changing room were really scary. They WALK AROUND the place NAKED.... AHHHHH..... their fats were flabby and overlapping... AHHHHH..... Cant they wear their clothes BEFORE applying make-up and styling their hair?!?!?! WHATS WRONG WITH THEM!!! oki oki... not that I am disrespecting their culture.... but.... its an extremely traumatizing experience for me.... anyway once I left the changing room everythg seemed to be normal again... Love the hot water & the massages. *Relaxing* After pampering ourselves for a few hours we went out for dinner. Since we were close to the sea... we decided to eat SEAFOOD. Welcome to our SEAFOOD FEAST!! See for yourself lor:

The starving us waiting for our dinner

Ahhhhhh..... Octopus..... Its Alive (@.@) Each of us had a chance to bite a leg.... take a picture... & eat it
I took a picture too.... my expression look somewhat like how my bro looks over here. I really pity the octopus..... Can it feel the pain when the lady cut off its legs bit by bit?!? Humans are cruel animals.... I dun ever wanna eat like that again.

Once we left the restaurant, we went to buy fireworks Heh Heh Heh

When Lun Lun is happy, I am happy too!