03 December 2009

Blogging at Midnight

Some might wonder what is so special about blogging at Midnight. Actually... nothing is LOL but since there are 9 people at home and only 1 toilet all I can do is wait. Plus I am the one who doesnt have to get up early for work tml so its only logical that I be one of the last to use the bathroom. Since I have so much time to waste I shall think of something to blog. Hm... Let see...

Went to APM today and fell victim to *Super Friendly* salesgirlS. Why do I say so? Have you experienced walking into a boutique and the salegirl that serves you is SUPER friendly?When you meet such a salesgirl, walking into the changing room to try on "A" piece of clothing would be like walking to your doom. She would give you a TON of clothings to try on none-stop and tell you how nice you look in it or how fashionable the design is. Well.... that is exactly wat I experienced today BUT.... multiply it by 4..... bcse this time there were 4 SALESGIRLS!!! AH!!! Haiz... I ended up leaving the shop with 2 extra tops. Having 4 salesgirls throwing 4 Tons of clothings at me, leaving with just 2 tops is like a mini victory for me! If you are a guy reading this... PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING oki!

Ooooo Finally my turn to use the bathroom lu~ Bb lor!! Nite nite!