16 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 1

Korea Trip Day 1 - 5th/6th Dec 2009

My Dear Friends who are crazy about Korea must be really curious about what happened during the trip~ Sorry for the LONG wait!! Oki so now I shall not delay anymore! We (My family, relatives & myself) took the midnight flight from Hong Kong to Korea~

(Before Check-in)
Look at how many bags we have!!! I was thking WAH... so "Kua Zhang". Well.... later did I know... I was just too Naive. Thank Goodness they brought all the thick clothings *Phew*

I like this picture~ Soooo nicely taken... Dunno who is the photographer
*Hint Hint*

Yeah!!~ The Trip to Korea is about to Begin!! Although it was getting really late, I can't help but get more n more energetic!! Korea: The country filled with single eyelid people!!!! *Excited* Till now I still have a soft spot for guys with single eyelid ;p

Look!!! This is the resting lounge~ Hehehe This chair is really comfortable but.... what if I fall asleep and miss the flight?!?! They should built a big screen and play the latest Hollywood movie Heh Heh Heh *Greedy* Wish I have a lounge chair in my house too!

Why can't Lun Lun EVER take a decent picture?!?!?!

I know some of you are like *&^*^&^^%$$#%$# still dun show us the pictures you took in Korea!!! Oki Oki BUT before I move on to that... I HAVE to show you guys a pic of the plane rite!!! How can we get to Korea without the plane!!

(Psssssst.... I gotta drag abit ah... still waiting for my hair to dry ;p I can't be sitting in the living room doing nothing rite!! Be patient ma!!)

Korean Airline and our Ghostly Reflections

After 3 hours of flying we finally reached KOREA!! It was 5 plus in the morning, we walked around the airport trying to grab some breakfast. Guess where we ate?!?! At McDonalds! Its the only place that was open (=.=)" Fly all the way there just to eat a McDonalds breakfast *Sian Diao* We met up with our tour guide after breakfast, hopped onto the bus and headed for Seoul city. Everyone else other than me were falling asleep on the bus. I kept myself awake, trying to remember all that I saw...... the beautiful water, the flat lands, the amazing sun rise. All the unhappiness, stress and problems in my life no longer mattered.

Look.... Purple... Pink.... Orange...Blue
How can the sky be filled with so many colours

Since it was still early when we reach Seoul City, the tour guide brought us to the Casino (Lucky 7). King managed to win some money (^.^) while I took the time to straighten myself up. I had to!! The next stop was EVERLAND (something like Disneyland but even more lame) I din wanna look so haggard and messy in the pictures!!

Hahaha we look like Dumplings.

It was soooooo COLD!! even after we wore gloves our fingers still hurt. My toes no longer felt like my own. Oh whats worst was.... Everland..... is all OPEN AIR de!!!!  &^%^&%#)$(*($&#  We did not care about which rides were interesting which rides weren't. As long as it was an indoor ride we would queue for it LOL! Our tour guide had to ensure that we were FROZEN to death... thats y........ she made us ride the "Human Sky".

*Me trying to look casual*
Why Trying?!? Cause I was freezing to death & I am Afraid of heights (@.@)
Hm... Its weird bcse in the past I was not afraid of heights de!!

Luckily she led us onto a bus (SO MUCH WARMER) to look at White Tigers, Lions, Liger and Bears. Wanna see how the Liger look like?!?! Tada:

Doesnt look that special to me. Still prefer white tigers.

Among all the animals, the bears were the cutest!! They are trained to stand up, wave, "Bai Bai" & hold their feet and rock back and forth. So cute!!!! Whenever they see the bus coming they will line up on the left side because the driver is the one giving them treats after they do their commands rite. You guys can imagine all the "Awww.... Wah..... Oooo..." on the bus LOL.

Pretty much nothing happened in Everland bcse majority of the time all 8 of us were hiding in the restaurant. It was just TOO cold to go anywhere else!

We were waiting for the restaurant to open. Look at all the Sian Faces LOL

*Yeah* Finally our first meal in Korea!~
It wasnt that delicious but at least eating helps to warm us up.

We left the restaurant after what seemed like forever and started running from one indoor ride to the next. LoL that was when we saw the Christmas Parade~ 

Us refugees queuing for an indoor ride. I think the ride was called Rotating House.

Fake de la LOL... Its just paper cut outs Hahaha.... but I still ran around trying to catch the "Snow" in mid air. I succeeded ok!! I managed to catch 2 and brought them back to Hong Kong... Hm.. where are they now?!?! Gotta search for them le~

Abit de lame... but at least they try

Finally it was time to leave Everland!! Our tour guide brought us to Doota to do a little shopping before heading for Dinner. The coats in Korea are fabulous!! Alot nicer than those sold in Singapore, Hong Kong and Melbourne but I did not get to buy any bcse I WAS JUST TOOOO TIRED. I hvnt been slping for more than 48 hours, I was practically dragging my feet along as we walked. So when it was time for dinner all of us were relieved..... we were getting closer to go to our hotel and have a good nite rest. Dinner was fantastic, we had ginseng chicken soup (^.^)

Love the soup, Love the chicken, Love the rice! NICE!

What was the best thing that happened that day?!?! THE HOTEL!!! It was clean, warm and big with a huge mirror, a small aesthetic basin, most importantly the toilet bowl can be operated to wash your butt LOL.

 Thank you so much for a good nite rest after such a LOOOONG day.
Really needed that.