20 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 3

Korea Trip Day 3 - 8th Dec 2009

Its been so many days.... Starting to forget what happened in Korea (>.<) So I shall not elaborate much... See for yourself ba~

Teddy Bear Farm:

Benny is soooo out of place =.="""""

The Adults trying to imitate LOL
Eh~~ Not Bad Not Bad better than Benny hahaha


They live inside a tree
Reminds me of Goldilocks

WAH!!! The biggest Teddy I have ever seen~

Cute!! Teddy Mommy with her 2 babies

I wanna bring 1 home (@.@)

Is one of the Teddy Lee Junki?!?!

After Teddy Farm we went for Lunch (Korean Steamboat):

I know its a weird pic to upload.... But the rest are worst LOL

King took this pic of Boa in the toilet
Is this picture taken BEFORE her plastic surgery?!?

We went to a temple (Xi Da Tian Wang) in the mountain. It was freezing cold as usual, the scenery was so serene and beautiful. So.... I shall not crap further... Enjoy the sceneries ba~

At the entrance of the park

Beautiful isnt it... It might be a good idea to migrate to Korea

Entrance to the Buddha
*Yucks* carrying the bag infront is such a BAD idea... but I cant deny that it was SUPER convenient.
*Reminder - Remove the turtle shell before taking pictures!!

Tada!~ The Big Buddha
but its still so puny compared to the one in Hong Kong

Wah~ Nice

Wah Nice~ I thk this sod be a river but bcse its winter, the water is FROZEN in the mountains.

After such "vigorous" exercise, we deserve to be pampered. So... we went to the hotel, changed into our swimwear and went for spa! The Aunties in the changing room were really scary. They WALK AROUND the place NAKED.... AHHHHH..... their fats were flabby and overlapping... AHHHHH..... Cant they wear their clothes BEFORE applying make-up and styling their hair?!?!?! WHATS WRONG WITH THEM!!! oki oki... not that I am disrespecting their culture.... but.... its an extremely traumatizing experience for me.... anyway once I left the changing room everythg seemed to be normal again... Love the hot water & the massages. *Relaxing* After pampering ourselves for a few hours we went out for dinner. Since we were close to the sea... we decided to eat SEAFOOD. Welcome to our SEAFOOD FEAST!! See for yourself lor:

The starving us waiting for our dinner

Ahhhhhh..... Octopus..... Its Alive (@.@) Each of us had a chance to bite a leg.... take a picture... & eat it
I took a picture too.... my expression look somewhat like how my bro looks over here. I really pity the octopus..... Can it feel the pain when the lady cut off its legs bit by bit?!? Humans are cruel animals.... I dun ever wanna eat like that again.

Once we left the restaurant, we went to buy fireworks Heh Heh Heh

When Lun Lun is happy, I am happy too!