01 December 2009

My Blog Has Revived!

Realised I havn't been blogging for over a year. *Guilty* Ever since I started using G10 I stopped bringing camera with me day in day out. So... No camera... No pictures... No blogging... Make sense?!?! YES RITE! Anyway since I have sooooooooo much time during this 3 months holiday I decided to revive my blog. (Imagine Myself Trying To Revive An Ancient Dragon)- No Link rite..I know.. but I like it ok!!

So many things happened this year. Where should I start? Hm.. start with my family ba.
Lun Lun - Finally has his front teeth le!!! Which means he need not sing "All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth" this Xmas~
ToTo - Entered Army & He is Loving it! JIA YOU brother!! (No Smoking!)
Daddy - Slim Down Le!!! Can see his deflating tummy LOL
Mommy - Had Cancer but is on her way to recovery. There is always a 5 years danger period, so she gotta stay happy and eat healthy~
Me - Still studying in Melbourne... Realised how stupid & Naive I have become.. Realised some promises are impossible to keep right from the start & how I still choose to believe... But Finally... Finally I am no longer in La La Land. A New Year A New Start~

I know many guys will disagree BUT putting on make up CAN cheer a gal up. Serious! At least for most gals. I am definitely one of them ;p NOW, I shall go get dressed, apply my make up and be a happy gal for today~