02 December 2009


Recently the Big Who Ha in Hong Kong TVB is《宮心計》!!! To be honest I only watched the last 4 Episodes (=.=)""" and the storyline is abit Crappy bcse the Emperor seems to be soooo Free BUT BUT who cares!! My Favourite Hong Kong female artist is acting in it!!!! Wanna know who?!?!

She is TAVIA YEUNG (楊怡)!!! *SUPER SUPER SUPER CHIO* Love her eyes.. Love her nose.. Love her Face Structure... Love her mouth... Love her acting...EVREYTHING!!!!! Ok Ok I am not IN LOVE with her (if some of you are wondering) I just adore her~~ How can someone be so perfect. Anyway in this drama her acting is abit exagerated but I guess the Director asked her to do so bcse they keep concentrating the camera view on her eyes. Just look at her transformation in the drama:

Aw... So Chio Rite!~ (@.@) This drama is filmed in HD~ So everything from the settings to the costumes to the hair-do to the make-up are all detailed to PERFECTION. (Some of us might not like the way the make-up is applied) HD is definitely good for us (viewers) but super stressful for the actor and actress LOL. You can actually see their pores and blackheads during close-up shots. So... Ladies & Gentlemen Remember to Groom yourself properly lor~

Oh! There is going to be an award ceremony on friday. Tavia JIA YOU!!!