03 December 2009


Many of my friends know that I LOVE Dogs. I Love Qbi, Barbie and Kobe all 3 of them are different. They are so special in their own unique way. Why did I blog about Dogs all of a sudden? I happened to chat with my friend and found out that her bf is trying to sell his 4 mths old doggie. I understand that sometimes our lifestyle does not permit us to own a dog  but knowing that the doggie will not see his owner again still makes me sad.

Owning a dog is a HUGE responsibility, some of us might not have considered the long term restrains a dog can bring into your life. I always get scolded for being more protective towards the doggies than towards my family.  *GUILTY*            BUT                  BUT ............. I always believe that you have to treat your dog EXTRA EXTRA nice! Y?!?! Bcse you can choose your own way of life, you have the freedom of choice! They DON'T. You Chose Them... They DID NOT choose you. That is why I always try to give the best to my Doggy. YOU are in control of their lives... So PLEASE PLEASE treat them right.

This is gonna be a SUPER long post... so bear with me....

Many people laugh when I tell them buying Qbi was due to Love At First Sight. During my polytechnic days I will go to the pet shop in Jurong Point 2 or 3 times a week just to look at the puppies, hamsters and rabbits. This became my habit for over a year until one day I lay my eyes on this Special Puppy. The instant I saw her I knew she belongs to me.... I could even imagine myself playing with her in my living room... Us growing together... A connection.

My mom did not allow..... Mommies ALWAYS dont... but I was determined.... I had this cold war with my mom for 2-3 days... in the end my Dad manage to convince my mom into letting me buy the puppy because my dad had to move to Beijing together with my mom and I need a companion. So.... AT LAST... she cave in but there was one condition... I had to pay for it MYSELF...         Who Cares~~ Qbi is so special I will do anything for her.

Those of you who are falling aslp can stop reading lor!~ Those of you who wants to know more about Qbi, Barbie & Kobe read on~

Qbi - She understands my words and actions... even after so many many months of seperation... she will still choose to follow me around the house when I go back to Singapore. She does things like wait for me to come out from the bathroom outside the toilet door or sit at a corner of the dining room when I am at the dining table. I always have long chats with my mom and we tend to change locations (Dunno Y) from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom. Each time we change to a new location Qbi will follow Hahaha even when it is in the middle of the night and she was previously aslp. See... How can I not Love Her. She does have 1 bad point LOL but today its just praises~ Oh another thg that I love about her.... She knows she is only allowed to pee or poo in the toilet LOL even after my family moved to another house we did not have to toilet train her... she just walked around the house *Sniff here and there*.... Walked into the bathroom... & Pee~ *Clever Girl* I LOVE YOU!!!

Barbie - Barbie is just BARBIE. She IS a BIMBO hahaha. She doesnt know how to pee at the designated spot by herself BUT she knows how to poo there *FAINT* She does not bark much but loves to whine like a baby to get our attention LOL. Barbie loves to be in her own world... she can entertain herself by playing with her paws or tail *Cute* When she was a puppy, we love to roll her around when she is aslp~ No.. .. We are not trying to torture her. She can continue slping no matter how we fiddle with her! Barbie is my baby.... You can carry her on your lap (Barbie's body is incredibly soft..feels like a soft toy) and she will just stay still and start to fall aslp (Dont be fooled... she is no lazy dog.... Barbie is So energetic and Fast... even Kobe cant catch her when they play catch hahaha) Recently, I trimmed Barbie's fur on her face ( IT WAS A DISASTER! Sorry Barbie @.@) I was holding her head with my hand and and and.... SHE actually FELL ASLP!!! Can u believe it!! SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!! I Love Barbie My Baby!!

Kobe - To be honest I dont like male pets... as days go by... I cant help but love Kobe too. He is the exact opposite of Barbie. He is smart and has a handsome face but now he look like Einstein hahaha Whenever we play with Barbie and he wants to get our attention he will go to the grass to pee, knowing that we will give him praises. LOL How do we know he is juz trying to gain our attention? That is bcse... his pee was like 3 DRIPS! n he already went to pee like a few minutes ago (=.=)""" but no matter wat we still have to praise him because he did the right thg~ Kobe learned how to climb out of his cage (we have now gotten a new playpen with a higher fence) even broke a nail on one occasion and I was the only one home. The whole kitchen was filled with blood, totally freaked me out. Thank God he has fully recovered. Kobe cannot live without Barbie... his whole life circles around her. He wants what Barbie wants and does what Barbie does... when Barbie is not in the same room as he is... He runs around the house in search of her. LOL *I Miss Them So So Much* Since Barbie has really long legs and Kobe has really short ones he can never seem to catch up with Barbie when they play catch.. So... What Kobe does is... He will stand guard in the middle of the living room and wait for Barbie to run back HAHAHA.. smart rite... I Love Kobe Too~ The Sweet LiL Boy

Look how much joy and laughter dogs can bring into your life. If the dog does not obey and is causing alot of trouble it is ALWAYS... i repeat.. ALWAYS the owner's fault. So be patient and persistant, be stern but not abusive. Give them time and they will learn.

Finally... Dogs we have in our big family: