17 December 2010

Thank You...

Yes, I know I have been MIA for over a month now (>.<) Sorry! My schedule had been extremely hectic.... submissions.... moving house..... my cousin's wedding..... accompanying my cousins all over Singapore & finally packing and redesigning my room. *Exhausted*

First thing first.... I GRADUATE LE!!~~ Yeah Yeah~ Some of you must be thinking "Eh... graduate le, how come no pic de" 不要那么紧张!My Graduation Ceremony is in March 2011 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, shall take TONS of pics. Can't wait to see my Melbourne Friends again, I miss them. For some people, enrolling into a University and getting a Degree is as easy as ABC but this is not the case for me. I have to thank so many people who have helped me along the way. So many....

Still remember when I was in Secondary School, I told mommy I don't want to study anymore, I was even prepared to give up on my O Levels. My relationship with my mom got so bad, she had to move out of the house just to get away from me. How I got from there to now is nothing short of a Miracle. Getting a degree is nothing to rave about, now a days, almost everyone is a degree holder. Nonetheless this certificate means alot to me. For the first time, I attained an achievement without any big dramas or disappointments for my parents.

For everyone who had guide me along the way, I will always remember the time, effort, patience and care you have given me. From my tuition teachers who went the extra mile, making sure I attend the tuition lessons and completing my assignments, to my poly friends who were willing to spend the time to teach me even thou they too are having exam the next day or in a few hours time, to all the Church Aunties and my Godmother who prayed for me when I was nervous and unsure about my future, to my Uni friends who will stay awake throughout the night to help me with my work and even offer to help me pack my house when I was moving back to Singapore, to No.5 who is always there (24/7) when I needed encouragement and support, to Kobe & Barbie who never fails to brighten up my day. Most importantly, my parents who never gave up on me. They support me mentally, physically and financially. I am surrounded by so many people who loves and care about me, what more can I ask for. Every single one of you helped to create this miracle for me. Thank you so very very very very much.

I am a very lucky girl indeed.