27 September 2010


Parkour is so freaking cool!!! (I know I sound nerdy commenting like that, but its just so COOL!) It is not a form of sport but a non-competitive physical discipline. (I think every guy should learn it, you will become a 100x more attractive LOL) The aim of the parkour is to get from point A to point B within the fastest time by utilizing one's physical ability and adapt one's movement to the surrounding environment. Parkour originated from France. Today,  many countries have picked up this discipline and added their own touch to it. If you want to learn something that looks more fanciful, try free-running! Free-running involves alot of trick moves such as aerial rotations and spins. Ok enough of my blah blah blah.... Watch it yourself and you will fall in love with it! 

ToTo! Learn it! Its super suitable for you.... (Shh... Dun tell mommy I encourage you to learn ok!)

19 September 2010

My Type Of Guy

I love my Berry Groupie!~ All of them are fun, awesome gals! We happened to be chatting, and the topic "What kind of guy do you like?" came up. As usual, I answered "Tall guys with single eyelid, sharp jawline, pointy nose and long bangs covering portion of his face". I could never understand my attraction to this type of guys until now.

Yesterday, I happened to stumble upon some manga. As I flip through the pages, my heart keeps fluttering, it feels as if I am falling in love all over again. It suddenly struck me that the reason I am attracted to guys with such features is because of COMICS!!!!! Don't understand why?!?!?!

Scroll Down

The Single Eyelid........

Long Bangs covering portion of the face......

The Sharp Jawline.......

The Pointy Nose......

OMG!!!! I have been in love with comic characters since Secondary School!!!!!!! (>.<) What is wrong with me?!?!?!?! The weird thing is after so many years.... my heart still flutters... I still get butterflies in my stomach when I read manga with the male lead looking like that.... The image of my ideal boyfriend got imprinted on me when I started reading comics in my secondary school days. (>.<) 

No wonder I went gaga when I first lay eyes on Lee Jun Ki.....

Long Bangs covering portion of his face....

The pointy nose....

The sharp jawline.....

The single eyelids.....

Its like he climbed out of a comic book!!!!! Still can't believe I have been in love with a comic character for more than a decade. Right now, I gotta make peace with myself.

Still Living in La La Land..... 

16 September 2010

My LoveSss!~

Many of you know that I LOVE SHOPPING!~ What you might not know, would be ME not being a huge fan of clothes. In fact, I am sooo lazy in hving to try them on, I rather not buy clothes. I love bags but I am sooooo picky about them that I rarely manage to buy any. Serious. You might think "How picky can you be with a bag" Oooo you will be surprised. I gotta love the colour, the style, the quality, whether anot the price is reasonable (by that I do not mean that it has to be cheap; as long as I think its worth the $$, its reasonable), what type of handle it has, how many compartments it consist, the size of the bag... blah blah blah... the list goes on. Yes I am a picky woman ;p Wait till you see how I choose my bf LOL LOL

Oki instead of telling you stuff I don't usually buy, lets talk about stuff I am absolutely crazy about!~ I am gaga about accessories!!! Yes I spend Tons of $ on them, TONS, in fact, I think I spend more money on accessories than on clothes. People who are accessories fanatics, please do not be too excited, not planning to talk about this today either. What got me started on this post, would be SHOES!!~~ Heels, Flats, Boots, Wedges I love them all!! A brand that I really like would be Tony Bianco!~ They have such a wide range of designs, from plain, simple, conservative to sexy, attractive and provocative (maybe I am exaggerating abit LoL! but they have some shoes that I really like). Some of their designs comes in bright, confident colours, such as bright red and blue. The first time I saw them, they took my breathe away!!~ plus they have half sizes!! My feet is a 6 and a half for most brands and MOST brands do not have half sizes! Since its quite impossible to walk in heels that are half a size bigger, I gotta buy heels that are half a size smaller. Yes it does hurt (>.<) So, you can imagine how delighted I was to find out Tony Bianco's shoes came in half sizes. Most importantly, their shoes comes with an affordable price tag. Enough talk, shall show you some of the shoes that I am tempted to buy. 

Guru - $149.95

Jaffa - $149.95

Reflection - $169.95

Canyon - $169.95 (I stood in the shop, having absolutely no idea which colour I should buy!)

Samara - $169.95

Shilling - $189.95 (which colour should I get? or should I just get black?!?)

Bolivia - (was$169.95) Now $100.00 *Weet* Shall go and grab them tomorrow~

Poetic - $149.95

Pseudo - $149.95

Vat - (Was $189.95) Now $100.00

Jacee - $149.95

Argh I wanna lay my hands on them!!!!!!! I Love Shoes!! Love them Love them!!~

10 September 2010

Sheer Cover

2 weeks ago, I ordered the "Sheer Cover Trial Studio Pack" online. Finally caved in after watching the commercial for almost 3 years. I kept thinking to myself, products this amazing cannot be real!! Went to their official website (www.sheercover.com.au) to check out their products. The Trial Studio Pack caught my eye right away!!!!~ Many of you must be thinking "Yea, Yea, Trial Pack, Trial Pack, What the heck is in there!!!" WOW... relax relax.... girls are super impatient and crazy when it comes to cosmetics! Here goes.....

Sheer Cover Trial Studio Pack
Mineral Foundation Powder - Buff - 1.5g
Mineral Foundation Powder - Latte - 1.5g
Duo Concealer - Light/Medium - 1.4g
Studio Concealer Brush
Studio Powder Brush
Nourishing Moisturiser - 30mL
Conditioning Cleanser - 60mL
Travel Brush
Studio Contouring Brush
Lip & Eye Colour Compact
Tips & Tricks DVD
All these only cost AUD$59.95!!!!!! HOW CAN I NOT BUY!!!!! If the products are as good as they claim to be, plus its soooooooo affordable, why not give them a try!~ When I bought the trial pack, they came with free gifts as well!~ A makeup bag, a base perfector and a bracelet! Ok, explain to me again, why should I not try it!! Still not convinced?!?!?! Picture speaks more than a thousand words. See for yourself!~~~~ NOTE NOTE NOTE***** to put Sheer Cover to the ultimate test, I used a guy's face to test out the products!~ 

Test 1 (Pores):

Very visible pores

Pores are ALOT smaller, skin looks so smooth and velvety!!!! (With Base Perfector)
If Base Perfector can do this for guys, imagine what it can do for girls' faces!!! We will look PORELESS!!!!!! 

Test 2 (Pimples):


(After applying Base Perfector)

(After applying Base Perfector, Concealer, Mineral Foundation)

I swear I DID NOT photoshop the pictures!!!! How good is this!!!! Weet Weet!!!~~~ What's more! All their products are good for our skin. The more you use it, the better your skin becomes. More Weet Weet Weet!!!! Ok, before you rush off to buy from the website, here are a few tips.

(1) If you are not staying in Australia, you can ask me to help you peeps buy the products because    members (Only people staying in Australia can become members)  have special discounts (So you can save $$$). 

(2) If you are staying in Australia and plan to buy the trial pack, here's a little secret. After you choose your skin tone, put the trial studio pack into the basket, proceed to payment, key in your email address and other required details, finally just before payment (keying in your credit card details), stop buying. YES YOU SEE RIGHT, STOP Buying! Leave the website. Within 24 hours, you should get an email from Sheer Cover, asking why you changed your mind in purchasing their products. They will give you a further AUD$10.00 discount LOL! Yes~ So now, you can proceed to buying the trial studio pack at AUD$49.95!!~~~ 

(3) Always remember delivery charges do apply! Postage and Handling fee within Australia is AUD$12.95. No idea how much they charge if you plan to buy them overseas. Check it out before you decide to purchase any items!!~

(4) I have not tried the foundation in hot climate yet. Melbourne is still quite cold. Since the foundation is Mineral Powder. Not sure how well it works, if you have very oily skin or keep perspiring none stop~

(5) If you absolutely hate Sheer Cover and regret buying it. You are entitled to a 30 days refund!~~ Even if you finish their product and all theres' left are empty bottles, just sent it back to them and they will refund you your $$$. Of course, you gotta pay for the postage. 

Now I am a Sheer Cover Fan!!!!