22 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 4 & 5

Korea Trip Day 4 - 9th Dec 2009

Hm... Day 4 & 5 were the shopping period~ SO the trip consist of boarding the bus, alighting at a shopping area.... boarding the bus again, alighting at a restaurant... smthg like that... So due to my STM.... lets look at the pictures I have and pray that I can recall what happened.


The little house on the left is the toilet..... it is so dirty!! To imagine it was just next to the parliament....
*Throw Face*


So Serene.... Korea is really a very beautiful place

A group of army soldiers walking out from the parliament
Hm.. Lee Junki is still in the army rite?!?!?!
One of them might juz be him!

After being an Ignorant Gal running around looking for Shuai Ge, it was time to learn how to be a talented & decent housewife hahaha.... To become a Korean housewife... it is a MUST to learn how to make KIM CHI!!!! So here we are:

Our little classroom filled with attentive students

See~ All of us hard at work ;p

Tada!~ My Kim Chi is ready~
I have the potential to be a good housewife rite hahaha

In order to graduate as a KOREAN housewife.... I definitely gotta learn how to dress up in their traditonal costume~ Its so different from our chinese Qi Pao... to wear a Qi Pao you gotta have the "perfect" figure... whereas for this.... NO ONE CAN SEE DE......... fat or skinny... really doesnt make much of a difference.

*Yeah* Lucky me~
The lady pick the pink and purple attire for me

Hahahahaha............... ?!?!
Korean Boxer

Once again the lady picked such a SUITABLE attire for him!
None of the guys had to wear that weird hat.... & of all colours... She chose PINK!! LOL

Group Picture
(Lun Lun is missing)
He rather stand at the side and laugh at us (=.=)"

Wahahaha can take this pic to "Xiang Qing" in Korea

~Mommy & Me~
Hm.. but she looks more like she is from Egypt

Wahahaha.... The "Modern" Traditional Korean Man
King kept doing crazy poses and everyone in our tour group queued up to take pictures with him. One even offered to be his manager for the day. LOL *LAME*!!!! After the photo session, we did a little shopping at the cosmetic shops, ginseng shop etc. we headed for dinner~ Tada:  

We only took 1 picture LOL
Everyone was too tired to bother
The hectic schedule day after day was really taking a toll on us.

At first I was like *YEAH~~ Can go back to the hotel to rest after dinner* BUT............ we went shopping AGAIN.... its ok~ I ended up buying tons of nail polish WAHAHAHA!~ The face shop located in Singapore and Melbourne dont even have those colours~ *BEAMING*

Took a pic while waiting for the bus to arrive


 Korea Trip Day 5 - 10th Dec 2009
It was our last day in Korea...... Look at our (us girls) super tired faces and you know its really time to head home and have a LONG rest LOL. Anyway since it was the last day in Korea, we (youngsters) decided to seperate from the group and went in search of a local restaurant. After walking around and peeking into the restaurants we decided to head underground into a tiny little stall. I din wanna eat anything spicy so I had Nian Gao~ *NICE*

~King & Me~

~Benny & Tramy~

 After our meal.... King went to ask the Aunty for a marker and started writing on their wall.... ............... ................ ................... he asked us to take a picture of him (look at the picture below) with a marker in his hands bcse he looks like a superstar like this WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! If the stairs were cleaner I thk Benny, Tramy and me would have been rolling on the floor laughing!

The Hong Kong SuperStar

 After our lunch, we did a little more shopping and headed to the airport lu. At the airport I saw............... (Look below) LEE JUNKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there weren't so many ppl around I wod have run over to the poster and took a picture with him (@.@) Lee JunKi JIA YOU!!! I SUPPORT U!!!!

Look..... How can one not fall in love with guys who have single eyelid!
Awwwwwwwwwwwww................. He looks PERFECT!

At this very moment it is a MUST to sing M2M's "Pretty Boy"........ Oh My Pretty Pretty Boy I Love You~

LoL Oki enough madness le! Gotta go to bed lu~ Nite Nite everyone! Sweet Dreams lor~