15 December 2009

So Many Things To Blog~~~ Lets Start with Wedding~

I have been away for sooo long!!! Now... I have soooooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooo many things to blog about! Will be blogging about my 3 female cousins I am staying with ,my Korea trip, the shocking school results and MOST IMPORTANTLY my Cousin's wedding!!~

Since the wedding is the MOST IMPORTANT topic, I shall blog about it today!

~Angel & Nelson~
12th Dec 2009

(ROM - Afternoon)

Congrats Congrats to them!!! Let me tell you peeps a lil about them. On 12th Dec 1996, my cousin  (Nelson) made a promise to his gf that he will wed her in 10 years time (2006)...... BUT........ in 2006 they realised they hvnt saved up for the wedding. So~ It took them 3 years to save up and plan this beautiful, romantic and fantastic wedding ceremony~ It was really sweet of him to remember the promise and (although 3 years late) kept it. A beautiful love story~~~~ Wish the both of you a *HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!*

Taking pictures while waiting for the ceremony to begin~ Why am I so much taller?!?! Well.... all thx to my pretty pretty heels~ I should start another blog specially dedicated to this pair of heels bcse it created such a frenzy at home LOL....... BUT BUT.... I gotta be extra careful in choosing the pictures to upload LOL LOL or else my 大表姐 will strangle me to death. Hehehe... looks like the ppl who already knew what happened will be the only ones laughing abt it. 大表姐 can I upload your pics onto my blog?!?! Can I Can I?!?!!!! Ooooo Where is 二表姐?~ Always MIA de!!! (Psssssst........ I can't wait for 二表姐 wedding in Jan to arrive!!)

(Restaurant - Night)

Angel changed 5 or 6 sets of clothes in total~ They were all Well chosen. They made her look slim ,tall AND Beautiful AND Glamourous (^.^) *Thumbs Up* Oh look at how pretty my grandmother was. Hehehehe~ She is SUPER "Ai Mei de" 7 of us accompanied her to buy a pair of shoes specially for this ceremony and we spent more than half an hour standing in the shop trying to decide whether to buy the pair with the ribbons or the pair without.

(Left) Toby, Me, Adrian
*So Smart Looking*
Ok please do not look at me, Dunno y I had that expression.. weird (>.<)

The King *Lamer* ACTING like he is playing the piano.
*Trying very hard to look engrossed*
The rest of us were laughing like mad behind the camera LOL LOL
There were so many other poses but I shall not post them here. I am still too young to die.

What else did I missed out?!?! Hm... lets see.. they hired professional photographer, professional MC... Nelson did a surprise performace for Angel - Playing the piano and singing at the same time. OH!!! How can i forget!! My auntie!!~ Her "Qi Pao" was sooooooooooooooo elegant. Love it Love it!~ Let me try to search for a picture to show u.

Couldn't find a full body pic but this gives you an idea of how her "Qi Pao" looks like.
Chio rite~
*Two Thumbs Up*

Looking at the newly wed couple I had tears in my eyes. So touching... So Beautiful... So romantic.... but luckily I dun have the urge to get married hahahahaha~ Still Young~ Still Young~ At least wait for another 3 to 4 years before thking abt tat ba ;p