17 December 2009

Korea Trip Day 2

Korea Trip Day 2 - 7th Dec 2009

We left the hotel at 7.30am to head for SKI WORLD!~ The tour guide told us it will take approximately 2 hours to reach our destination but it ended up becoming 4 hours. We stopped by the rental shop to rent the proper attire before heading to Ski World.

(Rental Shop)
"Wu Nai" expression LOL
Guys should always help girls rite!!!

(Before entering Ski World)
I Love the SNOW!!

(Ski World)
Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh ~ So Excited!!~

I thought it would be SUPER COLD... the temperature was below zero so I wore 2 layers of pants and 2 tops plus a jacket............ but ^%#%$%&&* IT WAS SO HOT & Sunny!!!! Our tour guide was trying to teach us how to ski, so she made us "walk" up the slope... slide down and than "walk" up again.... try climbing a slope with the Ski on. (=.=)""""" CRAZY!!!! Super Tiring!!! Your feet weighs a TON.... plus each step you take... you will slide down a lil... SO in the end you only move like 3 inches!!! *FAINT*

(Locker Room)
Wahahaha we look so Pro rite
They always say.... "what you see is never what you get" It is so true. LOL

(At the beginner's slope)

(Attempting the beginner's slope for the second time)

It was the first time I ski at such height... Lun Lun was already a professional as it was his second time skiing. All of the adults in our tour group were amateurs therefore they ski down a lil and stopped... Ski a lil and stopped. Once again... everyone other than me (>.<) I did not know how to stop so while sliding down I had to decide whether to crash into the group of ppl at the bottom of the slope or crash myself into the nettings at the side. Me.. *being such a considerate person* decided to crash myself into the net. Well.... all I can say is...... it was a painful experience..... till today the HUGE bruise has not faded. T.T I thought that would be my first time as well as my last time skiing. "Mei Xiang Dao" after I calmed down... and under the persuasion of King I decided to give it a second try. Eh... I shall not elaborate.... but you ppl sod be able to imagine what happened...... it wasnt pretty. THIS time I was convinced that I shall not attempt the beginner slope again...... BUT..... haiz... after resting for awhile & under Benny's persuasion..... I went uphill again!!! AHHHHHH what was I thking (>.<) This time I did not crash... not bcse I finally learnt how to stop.... but bcse it was getting late, Ski World was kind of empty WAHAHAHA..... therefore I was able to  ski to the right and head for the exit when I reached the bottom of the slope. *Phew*

I thought they were skiing down slowly.... BUT.... majority of them took off their ski and just walked down the slope at the side LOL Hm... maybe I sod have done that too (@.@)

(Lun Lun)
~He LOVES skiing.... & is really good at it!!~

After exercising for one whole day, our tour guide brought us back to our resort, we call it the "Little Wooden House" to have dinner~ Although it was OUTDOOR BBQ in the below zero temperature it was actually quite enjoyable. The meat was delicious, they were really well marinated! After you Bbq it, you wrap a piece of fresh lettuce around the hot steaming pork and eat them together......... Just talking abt it makes me hungry (@.@)

(BBQ - Dinner)

(Lun Lun coming over to disturb us LOL)

Wanna take alook at the beautiful resort?!?   Tada:


You can imagine the Korean Drama.... A couple... So romantic..... With a beautiful wooden house filled decorated with colourful light bulbs..... Ok Ok I know... I watch too much Drama le rite! Oki le I gotta go to bed lu!!!~ Nite Nite lor Everyone... Sweet Dreams lor~