05 October 2008

My First Dim Sum in Melbourne

5th Oct 08

Went for Dim Sum at Chinatown with Tramy and Sandice today. Was suppose to go to the Shark Fin House... but the place was SOOOOOO packed when we reach.... so we changed to West Lake instead. Hm.... I wun recommend ppl to go there... Here are some pics of what we had: 

The vege was really old.... not nice....

The sotong was too hard to chew.... Not nice...

The beef balls taste abit weird.... think they had too much ginger in there

This is Sandice favourite (^.^) I din try wo.. was full lu... no idea if its nice anot

Chicken Feet... Din try this either ;p

Sandice & Miself 

Tramy & Miself 

Hahaha... No idea why we took pic with the $
Guess there were nothing else for us to do HeHeHe

Look at the lil pink figurine... Cute Rite... ;p Its a symbol for breast cancer
Hm.. using the word cute feels abit wrong hor

LaLaLa~ Sunny Australia

=Close Up=

Hahaha... This is funny ;p
Seriously its really hard to take pics tgt while wearing hats like tat hahaha

Tramy with her feathery hat hahaha

Eh.. the photographer ask us to be more bitchy de hor!! hahaha

Me and my artistic hat Hehe

Hahahaha.... I think Tramy looks so funny in this pic!!! 

Tramy & Mi

One of the chairs in Mel Central

Was helping them take a picture on the chair in this position Hahaha...
Thank you Sandice for this pic (^.^)

Now a proper pic of me looking at the cam (^.^)
Seriously felt abit paiseh when taking this pic (>.<) 

After that we went to buy 2 big packs of lemon tea and went home tgt to drink soup (^.^) LaLaLa~~ Had a Tiring but Extremely Enjoyable day!~