18 September 2008

2 Stops before Home

Today I took the Tram from school as usual thking that finally i am on my way home. Never did i expect i was still far from home (T.T) Halfway through the ride we were ask to alight the tram because further down the track there was an upcoming event. After KPOing around i finally realised that it is "Happy Homecoming" for 2008 Australian Olympic Team. Hehehe lucky me cause when i reach the even was just starting haha... of coz i din stay till the end!!~ SO hot and bright with killing UV rays!!! Anyway it was kind of fun hahaha Dunno y it seems to brighten up my day (^.^) When the horses passed by me... I really really really wanna learn horseriding!! 

Here are the pics:~

The guy from the TV station

Look how magnificent the horses are... I never knew they were so big till i was upclose!

The radar car from (7 News) Tv station hahaha first time i see such a vehicle

All the cleaning vehicles parked not far from the parade (^.^) 1 word: Efficient

So.... I walked from Swanston Street to Elizabeth and hop back on the Tram thinking that this time i will have a smooth ride home.... BUT...... never did i expect that we were asked to alight outside Victoria Market (1 stop before reaching my house). The reason is........................... See for yourself: