18 September 2008

Building Evacuation

This is the real building evacuation in my life hehehe... was  in the apartment with Tram Tram when all of a sudden the fire alarm started ringing. Ignored it for awhile thinking that its false alarm again but this time the ringing did not stop within the minute. So me and Tram went to change, off all the main switches and left the house. I dunno whether its my imagination but the place seems to be really misty. When we left the building everyone seems to be there already (thk we might be the last ones ;p) 

Anyway there were fire engines parked outside the building... Hm thking abt it.... THEY ARE SO EFFICIENT!!!!! Before me and Tramy manage to leave the building they have already reached o.0 I took a few pics before we left for dinner hahaha (^.^) By the time we came back, the crowd have already dispersed and we were allowed to go back to our apartments. Just before we went into the lift the firemen told us that there was a flood in lv 4. Wanted to KPO and check it out hahaha but in the end i din (T.T) Here are a few pics that i took: