27 April 2010

Aim In Life

Should one plan ahead and ensure that he/she leads a comfortable life or should one just indulge oneself in the moment and enjoy an easy going life. I no longer know which is the right choice. Since secondary school I foresee my future, assuming I know what I want in life but nothing ever goes according to plan.

There are things in life we cannot control. Unexpected situations that disrupts our plans. I thought I knew what my life would be like in 2 years time. Even started worrying about the problems that might arise in the future. Now I feel so foolish, Why worry about problems that havnt arised.  I no longer have a long term aim in life, my future is a blank. What will I become... Who will I be with..... What type of life would I be leading..... So lost.... Everytime I stare at my work, I realise they are all I have. Assignments.... Projects.... Degree... thats my future...

In Desperate Need of Motivation