01 April 2010

I Love Dogs

Dogs are the best companion you can find. They are loyal, loving and adorable. If your dog/s barks at strangers, attack other dogs or misbehaves it is ALWAYS the owner's fault. Always. Dogs have the intelligence of a 2 year old toddler plus they are DOGS you cant expect them to act like humans. The owner is responsible for their dog's actions so whenever they do something wrong, just reprimand them in a stern voice.

I have been babysitting Kobe and Barbie for 3 days. They are my miracle workers! They brought so much joy and laughter into my life, I dont even have a chance to feel depressed or upset at all. It feels as thou my wound has been fully healed, as thou it has never existed. What got me writing this post was.... Mommy allowing me to own Barbie and Kobe IF No.5 agrees! (At least now I know if Kobe and Barbie cant cope at his house in Sg, I can still provide them with a shelter!) I love my Mommy! @.@ *Missing My Family*

In fact I love dogs so much, I wish I can have a piece of land with a HUGE yard, a pack of dogs and be a dog trainer who specializes in problematic dogs. BUT.... before I can even take the first step in that direction, I think my parents will strangle me to death (>.<) since they spent so much $$$ (3 $ sign bcse its ALOT of $) sendin me over to Aus to get a Degree. Well.. I wouldnt wanna put what I learn to waste either so.... No worries oki Daddy Mommy! LOL

Maybe I can become a dog trainer when I retire or when I marry a man that has a wonderful career and tons of money. LOL Are there any part time Dog Behaviour Courses in Sg??? I wish there are @.@ I would definitely enrol! So whats my life long ambition?!?!?! To correct doggies in their behaviours, educate people in treating dogs correctly and become Asia's version of the Dog Whisperer~

They are there when you need someone to console you.
They will never hold a grudge on you.
They will never betray you.
They will always welcome you home with so much Joy.
They will snuggle you, kiss you and accompany you in everything you do.
They will never judge or gossip about you.
They will always give you a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

What is there not to like about Dogs?
I hope more people can see how wonderful Dogs are and treat them properly.

I Love Qbi, Kobe and Barbie So So So So Much!