27 March 2010

Thailand Tiger Temple

The Tiger Temple in Thailand is a well-known destination for tourist from around the world. The temple claims to be a sanctuary for numourous wild animals mainly tigers. Entrance fees are charged as the temple claims it is the source of funding for their tiger conservation. Visitors are even allowed to take pictures and fiddle with the tigers at close proximity. Don't get me wrong.... I am NOT promoting this place.

A few years back I was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel talking about this amazing temple that is filled with tame, mellow tigers. As I watched on, I couldn't help but wonder, "Why are they acting this way? How did the abbot manage to tame them into such peaceful creatures? This cannot be right..." The programme continued by saying that when the tigers misbehave, the handlers would intervene but did not elaborate further.

Now, I would like to share with you the truth behind the Tiger Temple. The handlers made the tigers obey and follow their instructions by intimidating them. Twisting their noses, pulling their ears, whiskers and tail, drag them around by their tail, kicking and kneeing the tiger's flanks, throwing stones at their stomach, hitting their heads with rods and rocks, locking them up in small metal cage... WHAT KIND OF CONSERVATION IS THIS!!!! NO ANIMAL.. NO ANIMAL should be treated this way......... I know I cannot call myself an animal lover bcse I am unable to give up on meat like beef, pork and chicken but the LEAST I can do is NOT abuse Animals!!!

They are tigers......... They are one of the most powerful animals on land.... Filled with power, speed and the drive to kill.... these tigers can be abused so badly till they no longer have the will to defend for themselves!?!?!?!?!!!!! Does the temple think the public are idiots and that they can continue denying the fact that these tigers have been abused?!?!?! How can SOOO MANY TIGERS allow little kids to walk right next to it, to pat it and have photoshoot sessions instead of viewing them as easy preys!!!! Its just against the law of Nature!!! Do they think the public have pea brains!!!!!!! NO ONE should be able to control a tiger, some conservationist have been able to "make friends" with animals in the wild. They spent years and years living in the wild, gaining the animals' trust but even so, the conservationists still have to keep in mind that the boundary should never be crossed; to always respect the animals and give them their space.

Tigers should be in the wild, running around in an open field or hunting for preys. hiding behind the bushes or lazing under a tree in a hot day INSTEAD OF BEING CHAINED to the ground with no shelter, so as to "entertain" visitors and earn $$$ for the temple! Whoever have been to the tiger temple to have a "fun" time, you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! By paying the entrance fee to view and interact with the tigers, you are actually acknowledging and supporting the temple's actions!

Each kind of animals have their own way of life, just because they don't know how to use tools like we do, DOES NOT MEAN THEIR LIVES ARE NOT AS VALUABLE AS OURS!!!!! If I were to chain 30 people by their necks locked them to the ground, not giving them any shelter to hide from the blazing sun and allow visitors to fiddle with them; beat them up with rocks, wooden rods, pull their arms n legs, twist their nose, ears and hair, beat their heads violently when they whine or do not comply; I would definitely be broadcast on programmes like "The Most Shocking Crime" or "The Crime of the Century" or "Cold Blooded Murder" or "Crimes that Shook the World".

Why must humans treat beautiful animals this way. Open your eyes look at the world, look how horrendous humans have become.... look at sharks... dolphins... whales... rhinos... elephants.... go search online and see for yourself how such animals are killed to satisfy our cravings for shark fins, dolphin meat, whale meat, rhino horns, elephant tasks.... are such killings really neccessary??? Will we humans die without such products?? By being the consumer and buying such things YOU ARE KILLING THEM. I truly despise people who says "How can there be no shark fin in Weddings! etc." WHY NOT?!?!?!?! What century are you living in?!? I know some of you might say but Weddings ALWAYS have Shark Fin its a kind of tradition especially for Chinese. Ok.. if that is the case the bride should go to the groom's place in a CHINESE SEDAN CHAIR because that has ALWAYS been in Chinese Tradition. Why arnt you people doing it now?!? Thats bcse now there is something called a car or a bike therefore no one is using a sedan chair anymore. Why cant we do the same for Shark Fin? In the past Shark Fin was a form of extravagance therefore hosts who treats their guest to it were able to flaunt their wealth and gain social status & respect among friends and family. In current times, Shark Fins are so common, almost anyone can afford to eat Shark Fin. What is so special about it? If you wanna save "face", why cant you treat your guests to something more expensive like abalone etc.

I shall stop here.... I know I am SUPER NAGGY and some of you must be thking OH NO.. She can go on arguing like this 4ever!! (Which by the way, I can!)... but if you guys wanna know more about how the tigers are being mistreated in Tiger Temple, here is a link you should check out http://www.tigertempletruths.org/index.html