04 March 2010

Re-adjusting to Life In Melbourne

School reopened this week~ I am extremely excited about Furniture Design~~~ *Interesting* The worst module for this semester wod be System Design *BORING*!!! I nearly fell aslp during the one hour lecture but the guy sitting next to me din allow me to.... Y.... no no no its not what you ppl are thking... he is not handsome... not charming or attractive in any way.... Instead his hair was so damn greasy I could smell the oil from my seat!!!!! WTH!!! He hvnt washed his hair in a mth?!?!?!?! Whats wrong with such ppl! Such ppl are a disgrace to the Asian Community!! What if he give the Ang Mohs the impression that Asians are scruffy, dirty and disguisting!!!!! ARGH!!!

Right after lecture it was tutorial.. Luckily "Scruffy" is not in my class *PHEW* When my tutor came into class I was sooooo blown away by her looks and dressing~ Her Dress Code: Unique, Artistic, Modern *Love it! Love the layering!* Her Features: She looks like Angelina Jolie *Serious* So......... even though the module is boring at least there is a Chio Bu I can look at LOL LOL

Tramy and I have finally moved back home a few days back. All the cleaning... dusting... unpacking.... Finally its over!!~~~ Wee... and Internet is back up and running~ Yesterday (since now its already past midnight) we went to Chadstone for shopping~~~~ Got an AWESOME looking coat!!! Love It Love It and a bag ^.^  Shall use the bag when I go to NGV afterwards HeHeHe~~~ Do I have any pics of my coat and the bag? Nope!! Even if I do I wun post it up!! If i show u ppl everything that is in my wardrobe than wat m i suppose to wear when I go out to meet you guys LOL 

Ooooo How can I forget!!! Prior to shopping we decided to grab some lunch in Chadstone. After walking ard and choosing for half an hour, we finally decided to eat at Wagamama. It was SUCH A BAD IDEA!!!!

~All Smiles before the food came~

Guess what is this............. No Idea?

It was suppose to be Gyoza!!!! I have never eaten such HORRIBLE looking Gyoza in my entire life!!

Yes!! This was suppose to be Ramen!!
Yucky Rite!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

This restaurant have franchise in many countries and they pride themselves in providing their customers with the quality of their food........ What Quality?!?! Where???? I can get MUCH better food in Singapore's Hawker Centre lor.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  I ordered Soba... and it was SUPER SUPER oily... the beef stinks... the home made lemon tea was tasteless.... So... I decided to write an email to their main office as well as send them the 2 pics above. I am not one that likes to write complaint letter, in fact I am so lazy such things are just a hastle to me BUT!!! this time they are unforgiveable!! NEVER EVER go to Wagamama located in Chadstone!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall today has been a Great Day~! I love Shopping~