25 February 2010

First Fulfilling Day Ever Since I Came Back to Melbourne

Woke up at 8am in the morning on Wednesday... which is SUPER EARLY considering the fact that I have been waking up at 4pm for the past few days. Anyway the technicians came late as usual..... Its Melbourne!! Cant expect too much can we.... In the end the air conditoner couldnt be fix.... AS USUAL.... no idea when will the air con/heater start to function properly!!

Manage to get the cleaner to steam clean my place~~ but the place smells weird after steaming. After they left... I finally have time to paint my nails~~~~~~ YEAH!!! I know its nothing special la.... BUT... I have been tryin to paint my nails for MONTHS!!! Hvnt tried any of the nail polish that I bought in Korea since early Dec! So many colours to choose from... Wee~~~ Vanity makes me a happy girl LOL LOL!! In the end I chose Blue~~~ the colour is beautiful but I dun thk it suits my skin colour *Sad* Hm.. Who cares~~~ I like the colour... being vain makes me happy and thats all I care about~~~~

After painting my nails for hours... I painstakingly ensured they looked PERFECT (thats y I took 4ever to paint them la!! Dun scrutinize me ma!!) After painting my nails I decided to take a NAP in the evening.... and woke up at 11.30pm LOL LOL (Its still considered as a NAP ok!!!!)  The weather is JUST too HOT and STUFFY... so slping is the only way to ESCAPE from it.... plus we were planning to move house when nightfalls (Hm... Y does that make me sound like a Vampire?!?!) Yea we started moving house at 12am Hehehehe..... After moving all the boxes we did a little cleaning up and finally left the place at 5am in the morning. See~~~~~ Sooooo Hardworking Right?!?!?!?!?!?!?????? RIGHT!!