14 February 2010


Happy New Year!!~~~ & a Happy Valentines Day!!!~~~ (Even for ppl who have to spend it with their dogs ok LOL) Lets see... my emotion today is abit complex.... as usual... sometimes I just cant stop myself from thking too much! (I DUN WANNA BE LIKE THIS TOO!!!) I would be jumping from one topic to the next Eh~~~ So bear with it.

Recently I bought a Canon S90 bcse my G10 is JUST TOO HEAVY & BIG!!!!! *Argh* It really frustrates me bcse without tat stupid camera my bag already weighs a ton. Which means I wod only bring it out when I know for sure I am going to use it..... Soooo when I happen to see thgs tat I wanna take pic of... I CANNOT DO IT!!!! So now I AM SO HAPPY to have a good compact camera~~

*MuackS* Ty Camera~ Love You To Bits

Anyway I took my S90 and took Beautiful pictureS of my Precious Chio Bu Qbi~~ (I shall upload the pics SOON... hopefully) I was trying to upload them so that I can show the world how wonderful my dog looks LOL LOL but instead I stumbled on a folder in the computer..... The folder is called "Gemus Baptism 5th Feb 2006"... I cant help but look through the folder.... and it brought tears to my eyes.... I shall upload a few of the pictures....

Isnt he the cutest thg ever.... He is always happy... always vibrant... always bring so much Joy and Laughter to the people around him. We Miss You...

Before he was dipped into the Holy Water

LoL Tat Freaked Him Out... So Cute

Yeah!! Gemus you are baptised
You are Forever Our LiL Angel

A rare pic of me and baby Gemus

Look how much he has grown... from the lil baby to the smart cheerful boy..
He drowned in the pool awhile back... I still remember I was having dinner with my family when my mom received a call..... He was in the hospital... the next thg I know all of us stopped eating... My mom and I rushed to the hospital... I can still remember all the tubes all over his face and body.... all the beeping equipments that were sustaining his life.... He looked so small in that bed... He looked so peaceful... like he was just asleep.... I was telling myself no matter what I cannot tear bcse if I do it will just make his parents feel worst.... but when the nurses and doctors pushed him out of the ICU I lost it & went to the toilet to cry... No one will ever truly understand why God choose to take him back.... but we know that Gemus will forever be in our hearts... He will never be forgotten.... He will always and forever be our LiL Angel.... We Love You Gemus.......

I was surfing through facebook just now and saw that "someone" was going to a party...... I know its none of my business.... but everytime I see such thgs.... it reminds me of the dreadful feeling that I felt so so so often during my Poly days.... The feeling that your heart just sank into a deep deep hole..... or the feeling tat someone has pushed you underground so deep... crawling out drains ALL your energy..... Y does it still bothers me? Logically.... I should no longer be affected.... Logically..... My mom always tells me that "Time heals all pain"...... If its really true.... Y doesnt it heal this one.....