23 February 2010

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

Takumi Japanese Restaurant

Had a MARVELOUS dinner today~~ The atmosphere was perfect.. the design was simple and cosy....the lightings were comforting.... the waitresses were SUPER friendly. Had a bad day & Need a mouth watering meal to brighten up your mood? Takumi would be it!!!~ I shall show you guys the Set Menu I had~~~~~~~~ I LOVE WAGYU BEEF!!! *MUACKS*


I was SOOOOO FULL by the end of the meal... it nearly killed me!!! Oki la abit bad to use the word 'kill' considering there are soooo many ppl ard the world that doesnt have food to eat. Rephrase Rephrase... It has been like 4EVER since I Stuff myself with sooo much food. Aw.... I see you drooling le!!! Just reading the menu is making me hungry too! @.@ (Shall go to that restaurant tml ;p *ADDICTED*) In order to make you ppl EVEN MORE JEALOUS..... here are a few pictures of what the food actually look like HEH HEH HEH *EVIL GRIN*

Salmon Carpaccio

Takumi's Special

Wagyu Beef!!!

(Thats just thin beef slices... wait till you see the grilled Wagyu Beef *PHWEET*)

Grilled Wagyu Beef

I LOVE IT!!!!! They are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHG were MAGNIFICENT!!!! Oh yea... Guess what they use to oil the grill...... Cow Fats!!!!! Hohoho Hohoho Very Jealous Ma Ppl?!?!?!?!????? Come to Melbourne lor~~
Once again...... I LOVE WAGYU BEEF!!!!!!!
Cant wait to go again Tml!~~~