21 February 2010


Slept at 1 plus AM the nite before and woke up at 4PM this afternoon.... LOL HEY!! Dont Judge me! I hvnt been slping like tat for MONTHS!! Its good to snuggle in bed and "let time stay still" at least thats how it felt to ME! LOL

Anyway Melbourne life sucks as usual... The weather is SUPER HOT and STUFFY! I have no idea y but the air conditioner NEVER EVER seems to work. So you just wanna slp off the morning and the afternoon and finally drag yourself out of bed when the sun sets. Can Melbourne's weather ever be JUST RITE?!?!

Many of my friends have chosen to stay in Melbourne after they have completed their studies..... But I cant seem to figure out y..... Am I the only one who always bump into weird ppl or accidents over here? How can such a place be an inviting/welcoming environment? Would staying here mean getting married here.... starting a family..... have kids?  I will never allow my kid to grow up in such an environment..... Maybe some of you might think that I am over reacting or is overly protective of my kids (Although I dont have any LOL.... But JUST IMAGINE ok..)

I was watching the channel 'Crime Investigation'.... It is CI ok.... and guess wat I saw...... Although its past midnight.... and ALL kids sod be aslp by now..... BUT........................................ it is NOT ok.... to show strip clubs..... Strippers..... Boobs or Guys showing off their male organ/ butts on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS JUST NOT!!!!!!!! There is actually a programme on how Britians' guys hook up with girls that look like Porn Stars!!! WTH!!! What kind of programme is that!!!! and HOW CAN THEY SHOW PRIVATE PARTS without censoring them!!!!!! What is wrong with this world! and the programme cont by saying if none of the tactics seem to work... you can always get a girl from strip clubs by spending some $ (=.=)"""""""""""""""" Wouldnt this ruin a kid's life if he/she happens to watch it?!? Y in the world does Crime Investigation have such programmes on their viewing list?!?!?!?! Its CRIME INVESTIGATION!!!! Sodnt CI be teaching their viewers the right things?!?!

Ok... before you have a kid.. you need to find a man... BUT BUT..... After watching how Idiotic guys can be......... How can a girl ever trust and rely their lifetime happiness on a guy?!?! SO... Girls... If you happen to find that 1 decent guy who value their morals and respects you.... Treasure them ok.... Its never easy finding that special someone.... its even harder for that special someone to love you back..... So wat are the odds of finding a guy whom is decent.... respects himself as well as others.... and loves you deeply? Close to 0! So once you have found such a guy..... its better than striking lottery~~~~ Good Luck Gals!!! The only thg we CAN do is pray to God and hope he guides us in finding Mr.Right!~