19 March 2010

Innovative Furniture

This post is for myself~ So much easier for me to reference if I gather all the interesting designs and post it on my blog but I also love sharing all these wonderful designs with my dear friends~ Hope you guys will love them and enjoy them as much as I do!!


Sheetseat is a folding chair cut from a single sheet of plywood designed by Ufuk Keskin and Efecem Kutuk. It has a thickness of 3/4" when collapsed. This simple innovation in flat-pack seating allows for storage and transportation in even the tightest of spaces. It's easy manufacturing process minimizes use of energy and labor during production.


Comb is a flat-fold chair concept where partitioned pieces rise from a single surface in order to form the seat and the front legs. Flat-fold feature makes the chair easy to stack and transport in large quantities. It is still a work in progress.

Feel Seating System


Feel Seating System is designed by Animi Causa. The shape is inspired by a molecular structure, the basic form for all objects is the universe. It is made of 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabric. The structure allows you to arrange it in multiple forms.



Incorporating an ‘accordion-like, honeycomb’ structure, the FlexibleLove Virgin by Chishen Chiu could accommodate a seating for 8 to 16 people at one time. It is made of recycled materials like the recycled paper, recycled wood waste, etc. When given a simple pull at each end, the furniture could be easily transformed into a semicircular or a circular-shaped seating to hold as many as 16 people. But when folded up, it measures merely one tenths of that.

Kenchikukagu mobile furniture


The Kenchikukagu is designed for work, sleep and eating. Designed by Atelier OPA from Japan, the Kenchikukagu series includes a mobile work station, mobile bed and a mobile kitchen.





The “More” by Italian designer, Giorgio Caporaso is a bookshelf, a table, seating and lots “more”! This extremely versatile set of modular furniture performs multiple functions quite efficiently. It enables the user to create furniture of various shapes and dimensions. Its a response to everyday life that demands an enduring flexibility of spaces and adaptability of furniture.


“Kure” (also known as ’sphere’ in Turkish) is a futuristic concept table designed in the shape of a flower for your family dinning room. This table is shaped as a sphere when closed and once you open, it can occupy any corner of the house. A light source is fitted in the centre of the table which offers a blue light to the base of the table.
Scribble Furniture

This year’s most innovative furniture designs come from 4 Swedish women called Frontdesign, who introduce a technology of scribbling furniture in the air by motion capturing: Cameras are tracking your brushstroke-like movements, a special software then combines the data to a whole 3D object in the computer. Thanks to a procedure called rapid prototyping they magically produce a real object, like a table or a chair. They can manufacture pretty much anything that looks as curvy and dynamic as your scribbled version.

Pick Up Chairs

These innovative chairs are designed by Studio Dror, they can be easily put away on walls, I love that they can work as art fixtures as well as for practical use.

Marcel Wonders Knotted Chair

A creation of Marcel Wanders the Knotted Chair , you can almost believe that it can stand on its own just because the supporting structure is so well hidden. The legs have a tent rope look.

Ghost Chair by Drift

Ghost Collection are plexiglass chairs that have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology.
The ghost is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality. It gives you a bit of a dramatic feeling: unbelievable, high-tech, but beautiful.
Wall Furniture by Buro Jet

Buro Jet designed those very innovating pieces of furniture which looks paintwork and are convertible into compact desk.