21 March 2010


Had a great time shopping at DFO with Tramy, Emily and Sanice yesterday!! Spent 3 hours in only 6 shops (>.<) Tramy had to drag me out of 2 LOL LOL. I know I know what you are thking but I am NOT a shopaholic!! I was becoming desperate!! The first shop we went to was FCUK (one of Tramy's fav brand), we spent over half an hour trying on tons of clothes and NONE of them fit me AHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... the more I try the more desperate I became! It was to a point where I felt there was smthg really wrong with my figure. Haiz.... So I juz took whichever top or dress with a size S n tried them none stop... in the end Tramy had to drag me out of the shop convincing me that I need not fret.

By 6pm all the shops started closing (YES THE SHOPS CLOSE AT 6!!!! NO LIFE RITE!!!! ARGH!) and I managed to buy a halter dress from Guess costing just $40 Yeah~~~~ It was originally priced at $169.95 WoooHooo The design n fabric used is definitely worth more than $40!! Its whenever I buy clothes like this that REALLY makes my day HOHOHOHOHO other than this I also managed to grab a top from Just Jeans 2 minutes before the shop closed~~ It was originally priced at $49.95 and I got it for $19.95 HOHOHOHOHO the handiwork on the top worth way more than $19.95 lor~~~ Soooo Happy This is what I call Shopping~  Shall go to DFO sometime SOON to Finish my shopping Heh Heh Heh

Wish me luck ppl!