08 March 2010

I Need Some Motivation!

Its 12am right now... I know I am suppose to be spending my time doing research and coming up with ideas BUT... I am not doing it! Y!! bcse I am not motivated right now... So.... Decided to write this post to motivate myself Heh Heh Heh.... Blogging DOES NOT motivate me but what I am going to post up here will~~~

I know many of you hate your jobs but manage to motivate yourself by aiming at a product or item that you really really like and wod buy them when payday comes~ Well... I do the same thg so I went to Chanel & Dior's Website to look at some of their wonderful items; as long as I work hard all these things will one day be mine~ I know I will be devoted to my job; career minded. Ah... some of you are wondering Y din't you go to LV's website?!?! Well... I dun mean to be MEAN but.... whoever holds a LV bag (which is many) has no taste at all... seriously... their designs look like its meant for woman in their 50s... their textile design has been the same since 4ever (just by changing the colour of the checkers doesnt mean its a NEW design! Stop being lazy; squeeze out some brain juices and be more creative!!) Plus LV bags are so freaking common.... Y wod I wanna spend so much money into buying a bag tat almost everyone have?!? Doesnt make sense does it~ Anyway back to thgs tat actually motivate me~~~~

My Motto: Never Ever Rely On A Guy!
If a guy buys them for you its a bonus; if they dont... we gals need not beg/ whine/ hint/ trick the guys into buying them for us... gals in this modern society are capable of buying branded stuff themselves~ Jia You Gals!!

Interested in the products I fell in Love with?!?!?!~~ Here they are:

Ooooo I love Chanel & Dior!!! ZITA MOK JIA YOU!!!!!!! Back to my work lu Everyone!!!