28 June 2010


Caught a cold from the cinema yesterday.. Was sitting right underneath the air con *Brrrrrr* the worst thing was.... I remembered to take a jacket before leaving the hse.... the problem was... I DUN HAVE ONE!!! *Faint* Anyway.... when i went to bed.... my thin blanky did not help me either...... So.... Wa lah.... I woke up with a headache and a cold... (T.T) could feel my body temperature fluctuating... hot... cold... hot... cold.... at some point... I really wanted to pluck my nose off and throw them away.

Brought Lun Lun to IMM in the afternoon to grab him a pair of new shoe as well as buy some groceries..... The queue in Giant was.... RIDICULOUS!!!!! If it is Hong Kong I think the cashier would have been shot down by the customers lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg ago. Speed up Speed up! Dun understand how they can still take their own sweet time laughing and talking to the customers when the queue is sooo freaking long. Hm..... maybe now is my mood swing period or the sickness is getting to me..... the more I saw her laughing the more I felt like jumping over the counter to punch her.... (which I did... in my imagination)

Finally got home a few hours later.... I KO and went to take a nap.... when it was time for dinner I woke up with an even worst headache.... Din really had an appetite... and the poorly cooked rice made it even worst...... Think I should start cooking and ask the maid to move aside from now on.....

Still feeling like crap...  I rested on the sofa for awhile and decided to head back to sleep.... My maid got me an extra blanky (another shitty one... at least 2 is better than 1), Lun Lun tucked me in.... while I reminded him to pack his bag for school.... check whether all his homework is done and hang out his school attire.... after which I just black out... (Yes.... it felt horrible..... as thou I was coming down with a fever). Woke up at 12am..... felt better.... took a REALLY HOT bath, praying my flu will just go away.

Dunno y... but I had this huge urge to watch LEE SOO YOUNG's MV (Lee Jun Ki is the male lead!)... went to youtube to search for it and post it on my blog to show all of you~~~ Think I posted it once over a yr ago.... but who cares... I like it~ 

I love the story.. love it so much. Its about the female lead falling in love with the male lead when she happened to see him perform on the street one day.... She decided to join the club he is in so as to know him better. The male lead falls in love with the female lead as well.... but wasnt able to accept her bcse there was a third gal that loves him deeply. So much so that she begged her father to give one of her eyes to the male lead after an accident happened in the lab. The male lead felt that he is in debt of her (the third gal) and decided to be with her for the rest of his life..... A very sad love story.... Here goes:

Grace 1

Grace 2

Part 3 of Grace... but this song is called "Secret"

Watching "Secret" always give me heartaches.

To conclude for this post..... Things I gotta buy:
- Jacket
- Blanket
- Panadol

Oki now I gotta double check Lun Lun's school bag and head to bed lor!! Nite Nite everyone~