23 June 2010

Secondary School Days - A confession

Had a fantastic time with KiKi yesterday! Through out our dinner we were talking about our Secondary School days. I love being in an all girls' school! Its AWESOME!

 Forgot to take a picture of my food (>.<) Oh well doesnt matter.. Cant remember what I ate

Anyway we started gossiping here and there LOL.. reminiscing about the good and the bad times. Wondering about the girls who were once part of our lifes and are now no where to be found. During our conversation I found out that I used to be really rude and crude... Din really care about how others might feel.... slamming tables and chairs all the time... scolding classmates... making them cry (>.<) Was I really that bad?!?!?!?! Seriously.. I only remember skipping school a FEW (cant remember how many times) times.... threatening my form teacher (so that she wodnt call my parents)..... scolding two people in class and thats bcse I was really really angry at them (1) for bossing me around... (2) for throwing away my stuff LOL! Oh! Three people actually... one of them I am not sorry for. Until now... I will still say... YOU DESERVE IT! For spreading lies about me in school and acting like you are my BEST friend. You deserve to be isolated and boycott for LIFE.

Even Ah Moon and KiKi my BFFs said that they kanna from my wrath before (@.@) I am soooo sorry.... To all my STC classmates (except you know who) whom I have hurt in the past.... I am sorry!! If I had done something mean towards you and I have not confessed about it in this post..... Either I did not realise I was doing it or I was doing it bcse I WAS SO CHILDISH!! Forgive me all my lovely friends~