17 October 2010

Animal Abuse

A little piece of me die inside each time I see poor animals being abused. This year I have seen so many cruel acts by horrible horrible human beings. Yesterday I was watching "ASPCA", one case upset me so much, I just teared and felt so ashamed of the human race. This will be a long post, but please spare me some time as it is going to be one of the most meaningful post I will ever write on my blog.

Cold Blooded Murder:
A family in Los Angeles owns two beautiful white dogs. They have features similar to an American Eskimo or a Japanese Spitz. In the documentary, there were videos of the two dogs running around the house, playing with the family's young daughter and the three of them huddling together to take a nap.

One day, the owner found one of her dogs lying on the porch covered with blood. She thought it was a hit and run accident and immediately brought her dog to the vet. Upon further inspection, the vet found evidence of a gun shot wound in its chest. When the owner told the vet her second dog is still missing, the vet informed her that, if both dogs are in similar condition, the missing dog will not be able to make it without immediate medical attention.

The ASPCA was informed and half a year later, the culprit was caught. Here is the full story. 

A young man lured his neighbor's two dogs into his estate and started shooting one of them. They manage to get away. The wounded dog ran back home, that's where the owner found and rescued it. The second dog, being trusting as dogs usually are, headed back to the shooter's house. This time, the shooter brought it into his house and shot the dog in between its eyes. When he realised the dog was still breathing, he took a samurai sword and slit its throat. Once he was sure the dog was dead, the body was bagged into a rubbish bag and thrown away like trash.

As for the dog that survived, one of its front leg had to be amputated. 

After watching the documentary, so many questions pop into mind. Why did he have to go through the trouble of luring the dogs into his house? What did the dogs do to deserve such horrible treatment? What does he hope to achieve by killing them? Why can he be so cold blooded? How can a full grown man bring himself to hurt such fun, adorable animals?

This abuse reminded me of several other cases that have been circulating in facebook. 

The latest frenzy is about two idiots hanging a puppy by its neck. Does the dog look dead to you? Is there no spark left in its eyes or am I imagining it? 

Please help to identify them!
They might be your next door neighbour, your classmate or even your son. Each person should be responsible for what they do. If you know them, do the right thing, notify the relevant officials. Look at them, they are just boys. If they can get away with torturing and killing a dog at this age, who knows what they are capable of when they become full grown man. 

Here are a list of Animal Abuse Cases, I know I will never forget:

Newborn Puppies Thrown Into River:
All of you should know the infamous 19 years old Bosnian girl who threw a bucket of newborn puppies into the river. 

Many of you will be glad to know that she has been caught!! Wait, don't start cheering just yet. Under Bosnian law, a person who kill or torture animals is punishable only with fines ranging from 15 to 5,000 euros. My reaction to this was "What?!?!?!?! You mean as long as I am rich I can kill or torture as many animals as I want." What kind of punishment is that?!? 

There was a controversy stating that her neighbor saved five out of the six puppies thrown into the river. Some claims that its absolute crap, some says its a miracle. Well, the truth will never be known, unless a DNA test is taken from the 'surviving' puppies and compared to the mother dog that red riding hood have at her house. So since that can't be done by us, keep debating guys.

If I ever happen to see her in real life, this is what I want to do:

Woman Dumping Kitten In Bin:
Lola, a four year old cat was found in the wheelie bin by her owner Darryl and Stephanie Mann, at their Conventry home. Darryl had been going out to his car in the morning when he heard her meowing. At first, he thought she was under the car but was surprised to find her in the bin. He checked his CCTV to see how Lola had ended up where she was. If you have  not already seen this video. Check it out for yourself:

The grey haired woman was seen petting the cat, gaining its trust. Then, she scanned the area to make sure no one was watching (Too Bad You Missed The CCTV!). The next thing you know, she dumped the cat into the wheelie bin and closed the lid. The poor kitty was trapped in that confined space for 15 hours. Imagine what might have happened to her if Darryl had not found her in time. Why did she do that?!?!?! If you don't like cats, continue walking and ignore it! Just in case you are wondering; Yes!! That old woman has been caught! Hopefully she gets more than just a fine.

Bali Dog Culling:
If you have a weak heart, do not watch this.

"Bali’s dogs are dying. The island’s authorities, in a kneejerk reaction to six suspected human rabies fatalities, are culling dogs. But over 90 per cent of the island’s dogs are owned and roam freely, meaning the majority of the animals being killed are healthy, loved pets." wpsa 
Dogs are poisoned by strychnine. It leaves the animals conscious throughout the convulsions that end in suffocation. Watching the helpless dogs run away from their pursuers, their fear and confusion when their bodies starts seizing, their last effort to continuing running even thou they can no longer bend their hind legs. The suffering is acute. Its painful to watch. 
All of these animals suffered or died because of human actions.
We are the ones who cause them pain and sufferings, we are also the ones who are able to protect and save them. If you ever see someone abusing an animal, call the relevant authority IMMEDIATELY! Animals need our help. You can do something about it.