20 October 2010

My Dogs and I

I miss my babies (the doggies) so so much! Its more unbearable to be away from them than from home. When I miss my parents or siblings they are just a phone call away. As for my babies, Qbi, Kobe and Barbie, you can't see their reaction even when you scream or squeal or make weird noises just to get their attention. Some of you think its stupid to talk to dogs on the phone right!?! If you think about it, it is the same as talking to a baby on the phone! But you still do it don't you! Don't try to deny it~ I know you do LOL!

People who doesn't know Qbi, Kobe and Barbie, here are some pictures of them. I love looking at their pictures time and again (feel like an old lady when I do that), their growth and changes over the years never fail to put a smile on my face. Love them to bits!!

Breed: Shetland x Jap Spitz
Sex: Female

Took this picture a few days after I brought her home
She loves to pose when she was a puppy. Qbi always have a way of making herself look elegant.  A weird description for a shetland right! Hahaha Even when she walks, her butt sways from left to right, super cute. Whenever I bring her out for walks, many people would mistake her for a cat as she looks similar to a boston cat from the back.
I was NOT abusing her!!!!! 
She happily walked into the cupboard when I opened the doors! All I did was ask her to stay and took a picture of it wahahaha! She was slightly less than a year old when this photo was taken. Feel like snuggling her right now!!!

This is Qbi when she was a year old.
Look at her thick coat, her fur is so soft and smooth even the groomers love touching her hahaha.

A two years old Qbi
Somehow a meat lump grew on her face. @.@ You have no idea how sad I was looking at her like this. I brought her to the vet 3 times and they kept convincing me that the lump will dry and fall off by itself. 

Three years old
It was a very hot and sunny day, her thick beautiful coat made the temperature even more unbearable for her. So she ended up resting under the water taps, cooling herself off in the small puddle of water.

This picture was taken on the same day. 
My round chubby baby had such a great time. 

Precious and Me
How I wish she is with me now. XOXO

This is Qbi at four years old!
She is so fat!! Daddy please do NOT overfeed her!! 
When I came to Melbourne, the realization that I will be away from her for almost 1/3 of her life made me cry. Given a choice, I want to share everyday of my life with her. Qbi is so brilliant and sweet, she rarely breaks any rules around the house. 

Breed: Cavalier x Shih Tzu
Sex: Male

A two months old Kobe
This picture was taken 1 or 2 days after we brought him home. He has beautiful markings doesn't he. Kobe boy is super smart! He is a fast learner and tends to be very cautious towards things or people he is not familiar with. Luckily, we have Barbie around to give him assurance and courage because she is absolutely different from Kobe. 

Since he was a puppy, everytime he pee or poo on the synthetic grass tray, we will give him praises. Kobe enjoys the affection so much, sometimes he will walk onto the grass patch and jump off it or try to force out 2 drops of pee, assuming that we will praise him and let him come out from the play pen. 

In this picture he was around half a year old. 
We had to put them in a pet hotel for 2 months during school holidays. When the carer emailed us a picture of them (not shown here), we were shocked!! Kobe was loosing his dark patches. So we had to email the carer, stating "Are you sure this is our dog?!? Was there a mix up?!?!" Although we recognized Kobe's eyes from the picture, it was still very hard to believe.  

Around 10 months old
This is Kobe the caveman wahahaha.
It was difficult to bring them to a groomer in Melbourne without a car. Which is why I had to constantly trim the fur around his paws and eyes. Since we were going to bring him back to Singapore in a few weeks time, we let his coat grow and got a professional groomer to perfect his look instead. 

Breed: Cavalier x Toy Poodle
Sex: Female

2 months old 
Barbie was brought home a few days later than Kobe. It was important for us that both of them grew up together so as to form a strong bond. When we were bringing Barbie home in a cab, they were growling and fighting. I was so afraid Kobe and Barbie would not get along with each other. Later on, we found out that they are the perfect match. 

Qbi was my first dog, I learnt alot from her. It is always important to have more than one dog. They need company from their own species too. You can see the difference in character and temperament between a dog who lives alone and a dog who has another dog to play with. A dog with another companion is much happier, more energetic and lively. Plus its super cute when you see them snuggling together.

Kobe and Barbie around six months old

Barbie when she was around seven months old. Yes..... She LOVES food, especially human food. 
Fixated on the bowl of curry.

Thats her favourite squeaky toy.

Around 10 months old
This was how Barbie looked like a few weeks prior to flying back to Singapore. At least she doesn't look as bad as Kobe boy! LOL LOL

Like I said earlier, Barbie is the exact opposite of Kobe. She is blur, fearless and cute. Barbie does not always pee where she should. If you don't bring her to the synthetic grass patch to pee every few hours, she will collect it in her bladder and finally wet the carpet when she can no longer hold it in. Her super long legs make her an extremely fast SPRINTER. One moment she is next to you and before you realise it, she is already zooming half way across the house, knocking into walls and doors. Barbie is a dare devil, the only thing that intimidates her just a little, are balloons hahaha. 

2nd day after Barbie and Kobe reach Singapore

The well-groomed Kobe and Barbie, a few days after they reach Singapore

This is Barbie at around 11 months old. Hahahaha 
Over here she is advertising for Wee-Wee Diapers. Was planning to use it while bringing her out in the car. Just in case. Its Barbie, she never fails to surprise us.

Kobe & Barbie's Naughty Moments: 

This is what I saw when I came home from school one day. 
Yep, thats their poopies on the floor.

I wanted to scold them but their expressions were so hilarious. 
I believe what they were trying to tell me is: "We are so sorry for being naughty, please accept our sincere apology"

They have many different sleeping positions. Let me document some of them! 

Can you spot the Tiny Kobe Boy?

Barbie sleeping so soundly in her bed

I was so relieved when the two of the became inseparable

Hope Kobe did not have an aching neck when he woke up

Bawahahaha... yeah they were sleeping. How cute is this.

Aw.. they were so tiny back then

Don't ask me how he manage to fall asleep like this... but he did

They look so cute like this, I had to take a picture

I woke up with Barbie sleeping beside me like this

We changed their shipping crates into their beds

Easter Day:
We had a small Easter Party on Easter Day. All of us had to wear something "animal" on ourselves. Barbie and Kobe were dressed up too!

Barbie the Bunny

Kobe the Cow

Everyone took turns playing with them. Near the end of the party, they were EXHAUSTED. LOL LOL

Kobe retreat to his stroller and took a nap.
We never have any problem with Kobe and human food. Such a good boy

Barbie just collapse in the middle of the living room and fell into a deep sleep. We tried to disturb her sleep but she did not even flinch.

We accessories her

Rolled the ball onto her

Me snuggling her

Touching her tiny nose

Lying my head on her

NOTHING we do manage to disturb her sleep even a LITTLE. Although Barbie always break house rules, its difficult to get angry at her. She does stupid things and give you the "Huh What did I do" expression all the time. Its hilarious. She is like the baby of the pack.

When I have had a bad day in school, coming home to them makes me feel so much better.