10 October 2010

Enough is Enough!!

I have kept quiet for so long cause I know its NONE of my BUSINESS but I don't understand why someone would want to torture himself like that?!?!?! Can't stand it anymore!

When you hear about incidents where a girlfriend betrays the trust and love of her boyfriend to cosy up with another guy, you can't help but pity and sympathize with the bf. I do not want to elaborate on what happened (its someone else's privacy)  but you guys should have an idea of whats happening. So.. what many people wondered was what will he do next?
(A) demand her to break it off with the other guy
(B) Dumb her because he can no longer trust her and realise she is just not worth it

Instead he surprises us by choosing Option C
(C) Shower her with even more love and affection to 'win' her heart back

Option C would be more ideal when you have CHILDREN to consider about or you guys are MARRIED for over a decade. Sometimes it might even work for gfs and bfs but you should be able to see the result almost instantly. If she is still non-responsive after a few months obviously your tactic is NOT WORKING!

Its time to WAKE UP! Where is your pride and dignity? Be A Man! You are a nice guy, it would be easy for you to find a decent girl. She is not the only tree in the forest, so why would you want to torture yourself now and continue the misery for the rest of your life? If she truly love you, why would she put you through this ordeal. She did it once, she can do it again. You deserve better. Get the picture