15 October 2010

My Lil Bro's Bday

Friends who have studied with me in the past would know I am not one who loiters around after school. Many of my them wonder why I am always in such a rush. Well, I am just a girl who likes to stay home, will always try to get home as fast as possible. I know there are many people who have this group of buddies and they will wait for one another to finish their classes just to go home together. Which doesn't make sense to me... Firstly, its not like you guys are next door neighbors... Secondly, why would you want to wait for an hour or 2 or maybe even longer just to take the train/bus together?!?!?! If you go home alone, you would have reached home... bathed... might even have eaten by then. So, if you need a train/bus buddy, DO NOT LOOK FOR ME, cause 99% of the time I will not be there waiting. 

Everyone has their own priorities, such as families, careers, friends, money. There is no right or wrong in which ever you think is most important. The thing I care about most will definitely be my family. They always come first, no matter what. It is also this strong sense of belonging that lead to this post. 

I hate being away from home and 3 years is a really long time for me. Missing all the family events, everyone's birthday, their joys and sorrows. Its depressing just thinking about it. Towards my little brother, I have a sense of guilt. He always misses out on things that children should have such as birthday party, christmas tree, christmas stocking, nicely wrapped christmas present and the list goes on. As he gets older, there might not be any childhood memory worth remembering. Year after year I wish I am there to help organise  a party, decorate a christmas tree and fill the foot of the tree with tons of presents. Make sure he does not miss out on what other children have. It pains me when another kid has this fascinating toy and he/she doesn't want to share it with my lil bro. 

This year, my little brother told my mom that he wants a birthday party (Yes... its sad that he has to ask before we organise one for him). Of course, she said Yes! He deserves it! My brother might not be the smartest boy in class or a role model for other children, sometimes he might even be a pain in the ass but he is one of the sweetest brother a sister can ever have. Love him to bits!!

For people who have never seen my little brother, here he is~

A picture I took with my little brother last year

Mommy asked me to design a simple invitation card. This task is not simple at all because my brother is a person who is quite hard to please. I also had to ensure that the design is suitable for both male and female, PLUS the card cannot be one that causes his classmates to tease him. I was thinking about it and the word Hamster pop into my mind. My lil bro loves hammies but mommy don't allow him to have any because there are already 3 doggies at home LOL! 

Here's how his Invitation Card looks like:

This is the front of the card.

The party details will be printed on another card placed behind the hamster. 
In order to read it, you will have to slid it out. 

It was a huge relieve when Lun Lun said he likes it. *Phew* I proceed to printing it on super glossy paper, cutting them out and sending them back to Singapore. Next, I thought about his birthday cake. Since this is his first birthday party, I want him to have a fancy cake. Below is a picture of what I ordered for him online. 3D cakes are becoming such a hit all over the world right now. Some of you might have watched the TV program "Cake Boss", their cakes are soooooooooooooo awesome! Wish there is someone in Singapore who can do such wonderful cakes! Shall blog about it some other time.

This cake is called the Space Shuttle from "The Patissier". Unlike other kids, my brother does not like Ben10 or Dinosaurs or Cars. Yes... He is hard to please. This design suits him best. When I called him to ask whether he likes space craft for his bday cake, he said he doesn't want a UFO lol lol! I explained to him that its a space shuttle not a UFO, his reply to me was "then, its ok".  Maybe its in our genes.... its difficult to get us excited about anything. 

Invitation - checked
Birthday Cake - checked

Lastly, I searched for entertainment such as clown, face painters and balloon decorators. As usual, he said no to all my suggestions. Which is fine with me, as long as he is happy, I am happy. 

Can't Wait To Go Home...