15 August 2010


Just finish watching 談情說案. 9 out of 10 dramas have Happy Endings for the couples. Guys who break their girlfriends' heart will, at the end of the day, realise they are wrong. Realise she is the gal of his life and he loves her so much, he is willing to change his character and lifestyle for her. No matter how many times she rejects him (because he had previously broken her heart), he will still be as determined to win her heart back. Once the guy has proven to the gal, his love is for real. They will live Happily Ever After.

Of Cos..... This only happens in Dramas. Somehow, even thou every gal knows this truth, we can't help but wish this is not just a Fantasy. Even if it is, we pray and hope that we can be that ONE LUCKY GAL who will meet a knight in shining armor. Are we gals Naive? Gullible? Ignorant? or Hopeful? Optimistic? Trusting?