09 August 2010

Plane Etiquette

Well, I am back in Melbourne AGAIN. Hopefully, this will be my second last time (the last time would be for my graduation ceremony) having to set foot in this state for the next decade. Taking long distance flights are a pain in the neck, literally! I always end up with sore shoulders and a sore neck. The experience can become even more unpleasant if people sitting around you does not know basic plane etiquette.

Lets start with the one sitting directly in-front of your seat. Have you been in a situation where you were trying to enjoy a movie, when all of a sudden the person in-front decided to take a nap and adjust the chair ALL THE WAY BACK?!?!?!?! I know you are allowed to do so but how can one be so selfish to immerse oneself in comfort, at the expense of others? Think this is the worst it can get?


Try having someone do that while you are having a meal. Trust me, you WILL feel like ripping off some of his/her hair from the top of his/her head, that happens to be staring right into your face. So, if you happen to land yourself in such a scenario what should you do?

Step 1: Adjust your seat back, back just a little, to make room for yourself
Step 2: Ask the person sitting in-front to adjust their seat back forward, ever so politely

If Step 2 did not work, please proceed to Step 3

Step 3:  Talk to an air stewardess to request for another seat

If there are no available seats, please proceed to Step 4
Clause: Highly Not Recommended

Step 4: Since there is nothing else you can do, you may vent your anger and frustration at the air stewardess

Next, we will discuss about people who sit right next to you on the plane. During my flight yesterday, I was sitting next to an Indian aunty who was accompanied by her child/grandchild, a little girl (ard 9/10 years old). She (the aunty) KEPT resting her arms on the handles, elbowing me constantly, I couldn't even eat my meal properly. When the kid decided to sleep, things got even worst. The aunty placed the girl's feet on the arm rest. Yes...... My arm rest..... which means her feet was dangling just above my thighs. Wth is the aunty thinking?!?! I kept telling myself, its ok, its just a child, I must be more forgiving, think of my little brother, think of my little brother. Somehow, I dunno how, I managed to ignore that dangling feet and concentrated on my movie. Some time later, I couldn't help but notice that "SOMEONE" (Guess who) was staring at my screen. Please!! Some manners Aunty!! Some Manners!! This was definitely NOT a pleasant flight. I was surrounded by my utmost hated, in a confined space.
1. IDs   2. Provoking Kids   3. Crying Babies

So, What did I do to make my time there more enjoyable?? I took the miracle cure for MOST girls....

SHOPPING!~~~ Yep Yep~~ Shopping at the Krisshop~~ Wanna see what I got?!? All of my friends know I am a sucker for cosmetics and things that are purple. When you combine both of them together, I'M SOLD!!!

Dior Cannage Color Collection Eye Palette

This picture did not do justice to the violet

Look at the huge mirror and the glittery frame
Love them~ Love them~

Ain't the eye palettes beautiful. 
I love all 8 colours!~ Can't wait to put them on!!

Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring

Who cares if the perfume smells good when the Ring itself makes the money worth it ;p
(not saying that the scent isn't nice)

Did they manage to brighten up my day? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Love Purple! Love Cosmetics! Love Shopping!!

Lastly (FINALLY!! This post is making me lose my breathe, even thou I am just typing), some of you might think "What about the person who sit behind you on the plane? What actions are considered rude and inappropriate?" One, Never Ever rest your knees on the back of other people's seat! Its really really uncomfortable. Try having someone knee you on your back constantly, its irritating and annoying. Two, NEVER ever use someone else's head rest to pull yourself up when you want to stand up! NEVER!!!! A man sitting behind me during one of my flights awhile back, kept pulling on my head rest, in the process, tugging my hair!!! ITS PAINFUL OK!!! He did it Every Single Time he left his chair or came back from the toilet!!! Stupid man.

Why does such Inconsiderate Idiots exist in the society? Wouldn't life be alot more enjoyable if everyone learn to be more considerate. Maybe SIA should come up with a plane etiquette guide book so that ignorant passengers can learn about what they should and should not do.