03 August 2010

Roach Crisis

Were you ever stuck in a cab with a cockroach?!?!!!!! I hvn’t, well, at least not yet. *Praying hard that it will stay this way* Recently, I had two bad encounters with roaches & cab drivers.

Scenario 1:

Around 2 weeks ago, I walked over to a cab waiting at the taxi stand. When I was going to board the car, I saw a cockroach resting peacefully on the roof, VERY VERY near the door I was standing next to. Deep down I was freaking out (!!!!!!!!!!) but I kept my composure (Not bcse I was afraid of how the bystanders might view me! I did not want to alarm the creepy crawly!) Anyway, the driver happened to be standing outside his car chit chatting with another taxi driver. So, I told the him “Uncle, there is a cockroach on your car”  Hoping that he would do something about it. His reply to me was “Nvm ah, its on the outside, not on the inside, nvm one” I was like………. …………… ……………. WTH *Speechless* In the end, I jumped into the cab (Literally) and prayed that the roach will not choose to drop on my head when I alight.

Scenario 2:

A few days back, I decided to take a taxi home from Jurong Point. Once again, I walked over to a waiting cab, opened the door, and saw a cockroach resting on where I was suppose to sit!!!!!!! This time, the taxi driver was EVEN MORE IDIOTIC!!! I was still standing outside the cab with the door opened when I said “Uncle your car got roach eh” The uncle said “where” and proceed to swiping the roach with his hands approx. 3cm infront of the cockroach. Some of you must be thinking “What?!?! Did Zita type correctly? How to swipe the roach 3cm infront of it?!?!?!” EXACTLY!!!!!! What did the taxi driver think he is doing! The roach reacted by hiding into the shadow. Then, the driver said “Its ok, just come in” (=.=)”””””””””””””””””””””””” YEAH RITE!!! As if I will get into a roach infested cab!!!!! So, I said “No!”, closed the door behind me and got into the cab waiting next in line.

What is the right thing for a taxi driver to do?!?! I am not sure myself BUT at least the driver sodn’t do NOTHING and expect the passenger to assume everything’s fine!!! Do Something!! Anything!! Well… Not Anything… Just Something!! Something that will crush/kill that pest!! You feel me?!?!