09 August 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Today is Sinapore's National Day!!!!!! I have been missing the National Day Celebration for 3 whole years (@.@) Wanna be there for the National Flag, the Uniforms (No idea y, guys in uniforms are so attractive), the Planes, the fireworks, the excitement and anticipation! We cannot take this celebration for granted!! Must acknowledge all the time, effort and money soooooooooooooo many people have put into this. Some of you might wonder "You are not born in Singapore wat. Why bother" Thats true but I have been holding a red passport and a pink IC for Many Many years already~ So I do classify myself as a Singaporean ok. Plus, I Love Singapore Too!!!

Time in Melbourne seems to be crawling soooooooo sooooooo soooooo slowly. Many of you should be out celebrating and having a good time right now. Really wish I was there with you guys. Wonder how I am going to survive the coming months. I MISS YOU ALL!!!! MY BABIES (Qbi, Barbie & Kobe), FAMILY & FRIENDS! Feel so down, lonely and empty without Kobe and Barbie around.

A picture taken before they left Melbourne. Can you spot my Kobe boy on the right.
LOL He is so cute. Hahaha and Barbie always love to share my pillow!

Last but not least,