11 August 2010


I walked pass this shop over a hundred times since I came to Melbourne and every time I have to hold my breathe because the smell was just too strong! Imagine the whole shop filled with scented products. It radiants with the "Please do not come in" smell. So, I have never bothered to walk into their shop, let alone look at their products. A few days ago, I happen to stumble upon some cosmetic reviews and LUSH is one of the highly recommended brands. I did some research and found many good reviews about this brand. Since this is a "go-green" company and their products are quite cheap compared to those currently in the market. I decided to give it a try.

Lush makes their products out of fresh fruits and vegetables, most importantly no animals are sacrifice in the process. They go the extra mile of buying ingredients from companies that test for safety without the involvement of animals/humans. Whats interesting is, all their products are handmade. Which is why LUSH stores are only located in Australia and New Zealand. They claim to be too busy to handle franchising (You can buy their products online, they do delivery world-wide). Unlike many products in the market, LUSH uses preservatives in as few products as possible, they use combinations of ingredients to stabilise the products so that they (the products) have a natural shelf life. Some of their products smells so good, its as thou they can be eaten.

Here are the products I bought:

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

It is labelled with the maker's name. My lip scrub is made by Josey~

The scrub is made with exfoliating sugar to gently scrub away rough skin. My lips are so sensitive, I often have dry/crack lips. That is not sexy at all *Yuck* Just tried my scrub, its awesome!~ It smells like bubblegum and is quite tasty too (Its not edible; a tiny bit of it manage to find its way into my mouth) My lip is so soft and kissable now ;p Anyone want a kiss???

Strawberry Feels Forever (Massage Bar)
The strawberry massage bar is made with fresh skin toning strawberries, cocoa and shea butter. It smells like strawberry, orange dessert, topped with geranium flowers. Thou it is a block, you need not worry about heating it up before your massage. Your body warmth is enough to start the bar melting. This is the first product I tried once I got home, need to ease the tension on my neck and shoulder. What I like about this massage bar is, it does not leave a sticky or oily feeling on your skin. Instead my skin feel supple and moisturized. Whats more, it leaves a "strawberry candy" scent on your skin! I smell so sweet, I feel like eating myself up.  

Soft Coeur (The Honeymooner) Massage Bar

Yep Yep it looks like chocolate!! Smells like one too. In fact, the brown bits you see in there are real belgium chocolate. It smells sooooo good, I had to buy one! Definitely need to take a bath right after you use this massage bar. Like the name suggest, its a MUST HAVE if you are going on a honeymoon with your dear beloved.

Baby Face
It looks a tad too scary to resemble a baby face.

The Baby Face bar is a solid facial cleanser that contains NO preservatives. It screams "I AM GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN!!!!" Like the massage bar, it melts on your skin. This product has had MANY good reviews and it also claims to be an excellent make-up remover. It did a great job removing my eyeliner (the only make-up I had on my face today). The final challenge would be the waterproof mascara. Hopefully, I will put on my makeup some time soon. Unlike cleansers I have used in the past, it does not leave my face feeling tight and dry. If you are one who likes your face to feel smooth and refresh, this product might not be suitable for you. After washing my face, my skin feels supple and moisturized but I do not find it smooth. It feels as thou there is a very thin layer of shea butter on my face.

Ice Blue Soap
This soap contains exfoliating sea salt and invigorating peppermint to tone and revitalise. Hope this will be "my cup of coffee" to keep me fresh and alert in school even when I miss a night of Zzzzz. Hvn't tried it yet, update you guys about this product in a few days time oki~

Rock Star
Hvn't tried this either but people who did says you will smell like a candy bar after bathing. Sweet~

Sex Bomb (Bath Ballistic)
I won this at the store~ Was suppose to roll a dice and if I have a bigger no. than the salesgirl, I was entitled to a free gift. When I got a 3, I was thinking "Oh well, just my luck"  BUT   BUT   Lucky me, the salesgirl's luck was worst than mine LOL LOL! She got a 1 WAHAHAHA. That sounded abit evil, forgive me, I rarely win such things, has always been one who is down on luck, can't help feeling excited when I talk about winning. Ah~ You must be thinking "This looks beautiful~ Whats it for?"

This will be awesome if you are one who LOVE to submerge yourself in a hot tub of water after a stressful day at work/school. Just fill your tub with warm water, throw in the Sex Bomb to allow it to release the exotic fragrance of clary sage, ylang ylang and jasmine. No idea what I should do with it now, since I have no bathtub in my house (T.T)!!!! It smells so good, I have the crazy idea of filling up the basin and cramping myself into it.