30 August 2010

Make A Difference

Many of you know I have a strong attachment to dogs. I love them! I feel contented bathing them, brushing them, trimming their coat every weekend. Currently, I have 3 dogs (Kobe, Barbie and Qbi) but No.5 will bring Kobe and Barbie back home at the end of the year. Knowing that Qbi will once again be alone at home, got me thinking that I should get a companion for her (Duh, obviously another dog). But... as expected I got a firm NO from my mom (T.T), cause she says its a huge responsibility and it is a commitment  for over 10 years. Lately, I have got a new idea! *Ding!* Instead of buying another dog....... I want to register to be a foster home for rescued dogs!!!! Under the SPCA regulations, each fostered dog will not be placed at your house for more than 1 month. So! In a way I am not breaking my mom's rule right?!?!?! RIGHT!!!! Plus! I am able to help 1 dog at a time!! Every dog deserves to be loved and pampered!! I hvn't discuss this plan with my parents yet *Cross my fingers that they will say yes!!* Anyway... they can't say no to me when I hand them my Uni Cert right?! Heh Heh Heh *Cunning Laugh*

The second thing that I have in mind for quite some years now, is to sponsor a child. I planned to sponsor a few children throughout my life. I would sign up for the first sponsor child when I get a long term job, that would be next year!! Can't wait! I can finally fulfill my wish for the past 4 years!! Sponsor a second child when I get married...... sponsor a third child when I give birth to my first baby. Thats what I plan to do, praying that I will be financially capable of doing so. I wanna share my joy, happiness and blessing with children who are less privileged.

Many people around my age, including my friends and I love to self-indulge. We, the girls, are willing to spend money on tons of beautiful clothes, beauty products, branded bags, shoes, technologies and the list goes on. I am not saying that it is wrong to be vain or to pamper oneself with your hard earned money. What I am saying is, once in a while, we should think of people or animals that needs our help. This goes the same for boys!! Take a break from trying to make yourself successful and wealthy. The only thing that flows in their brain nowadays are business, money, how to be a billionaire, business, money, how to be a billionaire and the cycle continues. Always love yourself but once in awhile share your love with people who needs help!

Ok, after the wake up call for people who needs it, I want to praise a few of my friends who are participating actively as volunteers and in charity events. My primary school friends who spend their weekends helping out in SPCA and my secondary school friend (YES!! A GAL OF COS!!! I went to an all girls secondary school) who donated ALL of her hair in a fund raising event, by all I mean yes she is botak! What they are doing for this community is admirable and I give them my utmost respect. I might not have the time to volunteer at SPCA every weekend or have the courage to shave my head bald but I will try to do what I can, to make a difference in this world. You should too.